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Table of Content
1990 Vol.17 Issue2 ,      28 March 1990
Electron Microscopi Observation on Synaptonemal Complex of Zea mays
Mo Bing;Shi Liming
 pp.81-85      Abstract   |   PDF 1844KB
Comparative Studies on Karyotypes and Giemsa C-banding Patterns of 8 Subspecies (type) in Maize
Zhang Zanping;Li Maoxue
 pp.86-93      Abstract   |   PDF 2326KB
A Study on High-resolution G-banding Pattern in Tea
Liang Guolu;Li Xiaolin;Kang Housheng
 pp.94-97      Abstract   |   PDF 1325KB
Transmission of Rye Chromosome in Pollen Plants Derived from the Hybrid 6X Triti cale × Common Wheat
Tao Yuezhi;Hu Han
 pp.98-102      Abstract   |   PDF 987KB
The Gene Effects of Erucic and Eicosenoic Acids in Brassica napus L.
Liu Dingfu;Liu Houli
 pp.103-109      Abstract   |   PDF 606KB
Comparative Studies on Ressociation Kinetics Between Cyprinus carpio,Carassius a uratus and Nuclearcytoplasmic Hybrid Fish (CyCa)F*3
Wand Weixian;Mo Xinquan;Yan Shaoyi
 pp.110-115      Abstract   |   PDF 452KB
Study on the Estimation Theory of Genetic Parameters——The Estimation Method wh en the Parents Were Relative
Chen Yaosheng
 pp.116-129      Abstract   |   PDF 628KB
Characterization of the Expression of LDH Isozymes Genes During Non-hibernation Himalayan Marmot
Liu Guofu;Wen Deqi;Huang Xiaolong
 pp.130-135      Abstract   |   PDF 557KB
Rapid Restriction Mapping of DNA Cloned in Cosmid or Lambda Phage Vectors
Chai Jianhua
 pp.136-142      Abstract   |   PDF 2262KB
Cloning and Expression of a Promoter Function Fragment from Thiobacillus thiooxi dans in Escherichia coli
Yan Wangming
 pp.143-147      Abstract   |   PDF 418KB
Cloning and Study on the Replication Or igin of the Integrated F Plasmid in Esche richia coli
Mao Yumin;Sheng Zujia
 pp.148-153      Abstract   |   PDF 718KB
Study on Ha-ras RFLPs in Gastric Carcinoma and Normal Tissue DNAs of Chinese Ind ividuals
Shan Xiangnian;Yan Ming;Huang Ying;Mao Yiping;Wang Shijun;Zhao Shouyua n
 pp.154-160      Abstract   |   PDF 718KB
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