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Table of Content
1990 Vol.17 Issue1 ,      28 January 1990
Karyotype Analysis of Lu Dao:An Indigenous Rice Germplasm of Jiangsu Province
Chen Zengjian;Zhu Lihong
 pp.1-5      Abstract   |   PDF 766KB
Predicting and Comparing the Potential of Recombinant Inbreds Obtained from Crosses in Self Fertilization Crop
Zhai Huqu
 pp.6-12      Abstract   |   PDF 385KB
Teratoma Induction and the Nopaline Synthase Gene Transfer in Peanut
Dong Jinduo;Bi Yuping;Xia Liansheng;Sun Shimeng;Song Zaihua;Guo Baotai;Jiang Xingcun;Shao Qiquan
 pp.13-16      Abstract   |   PDF 806KB
Studies on the Conditions of Inducing Pollen Plants from the Hybrids of Three Ge nera Triticum,Agropyron and Secale
Zhuang Jiajun;Chen Guoqing;Jia Xu
 pp.17-22      Abstract   |   PDF 384KB
Mitochondrial DNA Polymorphism in Five Species of the Genus Macaca
Zhang Yaping;Shi Liming
 pp.23-33      Abstract   |   PDF 606KB
Comparative Studies on Isozymes of Allogynogenetic Crucian Carp (Qi River) and I t’s Parents
Zhang Yingpei;Liu Hong;Lou Yundong
 pp.34-37      Abstract   |   PDF 1007KB
The Selective Isolation of Cosmid Clones by Homologous Recombination in Escheric hia coli——A Cosmid Clone Containing t Complex Linkage DNA Sequence of Mouse Wa s Isolated
Chai Jianhua
 pp.38-45      Abstract   |   PDF 733KB
Expression of xylE Gene in Bacillus stearothermophilus
He Xiaosong;Shen Renquan;Sheng Zujia
 pp.46-52      Abstract   |   PDF 408KB
Replication Characteristics of Plasmids and Their Dependence of recA Gene for th e Initiation of Escherichia coli Chromosome Replication in the Integrated State
Mao Yuming;Lu Jianwei;Sheng Zujia
 pp.53-62      Abstract   |   PDF 557KB
An Application of Oligonucleotide-Dirocted Mutagenesis on Making Deletion Mutation
Wei Nan;Qin Ning;Li Yuyang;Wu Senmin
 pp.63-69      Abstract   |   PDF 482KB
Comparative Studies on Several Indices of Nuclear Damage in Human Peripheral Lymphocytes
Xue Kaixian;Wang Su;Zhou Ping;Ma Guojian
 pp.70-74      Abstract   |   PDF 897KB
Imago Analysis for Measuring the rDNA Transcriptional Activity
Chen Liqi;He Qihua;Wang Gehua;Liu Jiaying;Zhang Xiaoliang
 pp.75-80      Abstract   |   PDF 551KB
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