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Table of Content
1989 Vol.16 Issue6 ,      28 November 1989
Recognition of All Chromosomes and Chromosomal Changes in Common Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)Using C-banding
Zhong Shaobin;Xu Jie;Jiang Jiandong;Yao Jingxia
 pp.415-419      Abstract   |   PDF 1661KB
Studies on the Nullisomic Backcrossing Procedures for Producing Alien Substituti on Lines of Common Wheat
Zhang Xueyong;Li Zhensheng;Chen Shuyang
 pp.420-429      Abstract   |   PDF 1844KB
Characterization of A Cloned DNA Fregment of Rice Chloroplast and Location rbcL Gene in the Recombinant Plasmid
Shen Zhiwei;Sun Chongrong;Caokaiming Zhan Shuxuan
 pp.430-435      Abstract   |   PDF 491KB
Inheritance of Resistance to Beanfly(Melanagromyza sojae Zehntner) in Soybeans
Wei Tao;Gai Junyi;Xia Jikang;Ma Yuhua
 pp.436-441      Abstract   |   PDF 457KB
The Features of the 3’ Terminal Sequences of the 18S rRNA Gene from Silkworm Att acus ricini
Ling Minhua;Zheng Zhongcheng;Cao Ping;Li Zaiping
 pp.442-447      Abstract   |   PDF 428KB
Study on the Courtship Song of Six Species in Drosophila takehashii Species Subg roup
Geng Zhencheng;Zhu Dingliang;Sun Yaolai;Cai Huaixin;Chen Jiyao;Zhu Changsh eng
 pp.448-454      Abstract   |   PDF 641KB
Rapid Destroying of mRNAs in Disaggregated Dictyostelium Cells and Effect of Ant ibiotics
Zhou Shining
 pp.455-462      Abstract   |   PDF 986KB
A Low Copy Number Mutant of pUC-Derived Plasmid
He Xiaosong;Wu Xiaoyun;Shen Renquan Sheng Zujia
 pp.463-469      Abstract   |   PDF 590KB
Researches on the Forensic Application of DNA Probe
Li Boling;Ni Jintang;Chu Xiaolan;Ye Jian
 pp.470-474      Abstract   |   PDF 771KB
Detection of Sickle Cell Gene by Analysis of Amplified DNA Sequences
Huang Shuzhen;Sheng Min;Zhao Jiuqiao;Qiu Xiaokun;Zeng Yitao;Wang QisongHe Mingxi;Zhu Jimian;Liu Weipei;Li Weiwen
 pp.475-482      Abstract   |   PDF 863KB
A Preliminary Investigatiom of Human Chromosomal Fragile Site 3p14 Using Scannin g Electron Microscopy(SEM)
Cao Lairong;Dong Xiaoyong;Su Ai;Zou Guoxiang;Wang Jizhong
 pp.483-485      Abstract   |   PDF 1360KB
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