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Table of Content
1989 Vol.16 Issue5 ,      28 September 1989
Genetic Variances of Generations for Endosperm Traits*
Mo Huidong
 pp.335-341      Abstract   |   PDF 395KB
Recombination of R-D Chromosome in Pollen Plants Cultured from Hybrid of 6x Trit icale X Common Wheat
Tao Yuezhi;Hu Han
 pp.342-347      Abstract   |   PDF 1000KB
Research on Synthesis,Fertility and Cytogenetics of Triticum aestivum and Haynal dia villosa Amphidiploid
Fu Jie;Chen Shuyang;Zhang Anjing
 pp.348-356      Abstract   |   PDF 405KB
Study on the Puff-like Structure in Nuclei of Meristematic Cells of Vicia faba*
Xing Miao;Hao Shui;Jiao Mingda
 pp.357-361      Abstract   |   PDF 523KB
Comparative Analysis of the Fraceion L Protein in Rice,Wheat,Rape and Tobacco Cytolasmic Male Sterile Sterile Systems
Ying Yanru Ni Dazhou Cai Yixin
 pp.362-366      Abstract   |   PDF 2116KB
Studies on Antifreeze Proteins of Fishes
Cheng Xiongfeng Jiang Yaoqing
 pp.367-373      Abstract   |   PDF 769KB
Cloning and Sequence Analysis of Salmon Prolactin cDNA*
Song Shiduo;K.Y.Trinh C.L.hew
 pp.374-380      Abstract   |   PDF 810KB
The Nucleotied Sequence of the Chloroplast psbA Gene from Solanum nigrum Atrazin e Resistant Biotype and Its Relevant Analysis
Zhu Lihuang;Hu Naibi Zhai Wenxue Li Xiaobing
 pp.381-388      Abstract   |   PDF 674KB
New Cloning Vectors Constructed in Bacillus
Qiao Mingqiang;Cai Baoli;Gao Caichang;Lang Yanjun;Fan Tingyu;Su Tongfang
 pp.389-398      Abstract   |   PDF 1164KB
Expresion of Human Interferon βGene Controled by SV40 Late Promoter in Mouse My eloma SP2/0 Cells
Wang Xiaoming;YuMan;Wang Jiaxi;Wu Shuhua;Hu Yuwen;Hou Yunde
 pp.399-403      Abstract   |   PDF 455KB
The Use of Restrictioin Fragment Length Polymorphisms for Diagnosis:The Estimati on of Diagnosable Rate of More Than One Genetic Markers
Jin Li;Liu Zu Dong
 pp.404-414      Abstract   |   PDF 598KB
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