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Table of Content
1989 Vol.16 Issue4 ,      28 July 1989
Comparative Studies on C-banded and N-banded Heterochromatin of Triticum timophe evi Zhuk
Chen Zengjian;Yu Hong
 pp.251-255      Abstract   |   PDF 1163KB
Embryological Studies on Interspecific Cross between Gossypium arboreum L.and G. davidsonii Kellog
He jianxing;Liang Zhenglan
 pp.256-262      Abstract   |   PDF 2143KB
The Complete Nucleotide Sequence of Brassica napus Chloroplast 16S rRNA Gene
Gao Jiaguo;Wang xunming;Wang Qi
 pp.263-268      Abstract   |   PDF 405KB
A Novel Method for Determining an Integrated Character in Quantitative Genetics
Zhou shie;Heng Honggang;Zhang Guoqing;Li Zixian
 pp.269-275      Abstract   |   PDF 523KB
Induction of Chromosomal Variation of Plant Cell in vitro by Treatment of Actino mycin D
Xue Qihan;Graham G.Henshaw
 pp.276-281      Abstract   |   PDF 699KB
The Effects of Longterm Selection on the Genetic Structure of Populations-A Simu lation Study
Yang Ziheng;Wu Zhongxian;Zhang Yuan
 pp.282-290      Abstract   |   PDF 625KB
Animal Model and Multiple Trait BLUP Applied in Poultry Genetic Evaluation
Pang Hang;Wu Changxin;Zhang Yuan;Gong Guifen;Bi Yihui
 pp.291-298      Abstract   |   PDF 620KB
The Homologue toβ HCG Gene in Grass Carp (Ctenopharynogodon idellus)Genome and Its Chromosome Mapping by in situ Hybridization
Zhang Xiyuan;Tong Suhong;Jiang Jianqiao;Zhang Muxian;Yu Jingwei
 pp.299-304      Abstract   |   PDF 1072KB
Cloning of the Gene Relative to Invasive Ability of Shigella flexneri 5
Su Guofu;Xu Yongqiang;Huang Cuifen
 pp.305-311      Abstract   |   PDF 890KB
Constitutive Expression of Human Fibroblast Interferon Gene Controlled by SV40 E arly Promoter in CHO Cells
Wang Xiaoming;Yu Man;Wang Jiaxi;Wu Shuhua;Hu Yuwen;Hou Yunde
 pp.312-317      Abstract   |   PDF 540KB
Study on Biosynthesis of Indigo Involving Transferring Naphthalene Plasmid DNA f rom Pseudomonas to E.coli
Wu Yuan;Zhang Suqin;Ma Guohua;Song Donglin;Zhao Jiyong
 pp.318-324      Abstract   |   PDF 742KB
The RFLPs of St14/Taq I in Chinese and Its Application to Gene Analysis and Pren atal Diagnosis of Hemophilia A
Shen Yan;Wu Guanyun;Wang Shensu;Gao Qingsheng;Jiang Xianhua;Liu Jingzhong;Liu Yi;Sun Nianhu;Wang Fengyuan;Wu Yuzhen;Ning
 pp.325-330      Abstract   |   PDF 572KB
Molecular Cytogenetic Study on the Case with 14p+ marker Chromosome
Cheng Zaiyu;Gao Chunsheng;Xin xing;Fu Shengmiao;Zhong Wenling
 pp.331-334      Abstract   |   PDF 326KB
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