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Table of Content
1989 Vol.16 Issue3 ,      28 May 1989
lsolation of Total mRNA from the Immature Beijing Wild Soybean Seeds and Molecul ar Cloning of Its Complementary DNA
Bi Yuping;Mi Jingjiu;Guo jingcheng
 pp.167-173      Abstract   |   PDF 775KB
Expression of Tl-Plasmid Genes in Monocots Hemerocallis citrina and Lycoris radi ata
Yu Jianping Jiang Xingcun Shao Qiquan
 pp.174-177      Abstract   |   PDF 487KB
Variations of Ploidy and Constitutional Heterochromatin on the Chromosomes of Ma ize Pollen Embryonic Cell Clones in Subculture
Gu Mingguang;Ding Yucheng
 pp.178-183      Abstract   |   PDF 1093KB
A BrdU-BSG Method for G-banding in Fish Chromosomes and an Idiogram of G-banded Karyotype of Silver Carp
Zhou Mi;Li Yucheng;Zhou Tun;Yu Xianjue
 pp.184-187      Abstract   |   PDF 923KB
Comparison of the Common Fragile Sites and G-banding Patterns of Chromosomes amo ng Rhesus Monkeys,White-browed Gibbons and Human Being
Wang Yi;Shi Liming
 pp.188-196      Abstract   |   PDF 732KB
Effects of Longterm Selection on the Genetic Structure of Populations -A Simu lation Study I.Simulation Models and Selection Responses
Wu Zhongxian;Zhang Yuan;Yang Ziheng
 pp.197-205      Abstract   |   PDF 732KB
Study on Bacillus pumilus as a Recipient Strain for Genetic Engineering of Bacil lus
Chen Qimin;Geng Yunqi;Ni Jin;Wang Gefu;Jiang Ruzhang
 pp.206-212      Abstract   |   PDF 748KB
Synthesis and Cloning of Vγ3 cDNA of Monoclonal Antibody
Shang Furong;Huang Hualiang;Song Haiyan;Chen Hong;Yang Zhixing
 pp.213-218      Abstract   |   PDF 626KB
A Preliminary Study on Mechanism of Respiratory Deficiency of Mutagenesis in S.C erevisiae
Gao Dong;Liu Jiajian;Jin Jianling
 pp.219-225      Abstract   |   PDF 535KB
Genetic Polymorphism of the second Component of Human Complement (C2) in the Han Nationality in Wuhan District of China
Tian Yanwu;Zhao Xiuzhu
 pp.226-229      Abstract   |   PDF 349KB
Genetic Polymorphism of AcP,EsD,6-PGD and GPT in Eleven Ethnic Groups of China
Xu Jiujin;Tan Qian;Zhao Xiaoxi;Du Ruofu
 pp.230-237      Abstract   |   PDF 899KB
Analysis of and Repair Capacity in 247 Cancer Patients and Normal Persons by Nuc leoid Sedimentation Technique
Wu defeng;Fu Ming;Wang Xiuqin;Hong Wangjun;Xu Xin Wu Min
 pp.238-243      Abstract   |   PDF 626KB
Design and Application of Computer Program for Comprehensive Segregation Analysi s
Hu Ying;Zhang Sizhong
 pp.244-250      Abstract   |   PDF 465KB
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