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Table of Content
1988 Vol.15 Issue6 ,      28 November 1988
Estimation of Genetic Effects on Main Fiber Quality Characters in Upland Cottn
Lin Yi;Zhao Lunyi
 pp.401-408      Abstract   |   PDF 570KB
Studies on the Giemsa C-banding Patterns of Some Citrus and Its Related Genera
Liang Guolu
 pp.409-415      Abstract   |   PDF 1468KB
Genetic Analysis on the Severity Score of Yellow Mosaic Disease in Barley (Hordeum vulare L.)
Yu Zhilong;Xu Abing;Zhu Muyuan;Ma Junhu;Huang Peizhong;Liu Yufang;Qin Guowei
 pp.416-423      Abstract   |   PDF 614KB
Study on Karyotypes of Eight Species of Vicia sepium L. (Fabaceae)
Liu Yuhong
 pp.424-429      Abstract   |   PDF 1404KB
Reciprocal Circulant Plan for Animal Cross
Pan Yuchun;Shen Zhilian
 pp.430-435      Abstract   |   PDF 413KB
Comparative Studies on Renaturation Kinetics of Alligator sinensis and Alligator mississ-ippiensis and Their Organization of the Genomess*
Mo Xinquan;Wang Weixian;Shi Yingxian;Ma Lianke;Liu Liquan;Li Jansuo
 pp.436-441      Abstract   |   PDF 450KB
Study on Esterase Isozymes in Goldfish (Carassius auratus var.)I. Comparison of Esterase lsozymes in Various Tissues of Crucian Carp and Red Ti ger Head Goldfish
Wang Chunyuan;Wang Changcheng
 pp.442-449      Abstract   |   PDF 921KB
Genetic Transduction in Bacillus pumilus
Geng Yunqi;Chen Qimin;Cui Libin;Jiang Ruzhang
 pp.450-454      Abstract   |   PDF 382KB
Genetic Polymorphism of Complement Component C6 in Four Chinese Populations in Guangdong Province: Three New Variants
Lu Bao;Du Chuanshu
 pp.455-461      Abstract   |   PDF 644KB
A Kindred of Metaphyseal Chondrodysplasia, Schmid Type
Xu Jinlin;Yang Guangrui;Cao Jun;Liu Zhongping
 pp.462-469      Abstract   |   PDF 1087KB
Screening and Identification of HLA Homozygous Cells in Chinese Population
Lu Peihua;Zhou Guangyan;Chen Guangxun;Fu Saili;Yu Qiang;Chen Jinghai;Xu Wenyu;Zang Renjie
 pp.470-477      Abstract   |   PDF 562KB
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