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Table of Content
1988 Vol.15 Issue5 ,      28 September 1988
Studies on Protoplast Culture of Rice (Oryza sativa L.) and Plant Regeneration from Protoplast-derived Calli
Li Liangcai;Chen Yiming;Chen Ying
 pp.321-328      Abstract   |   PDF 698KB
Induction of Dihaploid Plants from Unpollinated Ovaries of Potato in vitro
Tao Zirong;Liu Minsong Zhu Zhongchun
 pp.329-334      Abstract   |   PDF 461KB
Study on Identification of Male Sterile Cytoplasms Using Analysis of Mitochondrial DNAs in Maize
Xie Youju;Dai Jingrui
 pp.335-339      Abstract   |   PDF 581KB
Study on Breeding and Cytogenetics of Octoploid Triticales with Different Cytoplasms
Wang Guizhi;Xue Xi;Wang Tongchang;Xu Xiangling;Li Jilin
 pp.340-347      Abstract   |   PDF 1803KB
Structural Varince Analysis of Mitochondria COI and COII Genes from Normal and Cytoplasmic Male-sterile Varieties of Rice(Oryza satiua)
Liu Yansheng;Wang Xunming;Wang Yunzhu;Zhuo Degen
 pp.348-354      Abstract   |   PDF 813KB
Synaptonemal Complex Karyotyping of Silk Worm (Bombyx mori)
Ma Kun;Shi Liming
 pp.355-361      Abstract   |   PDF 1768KB
Studies on Chromosome Ultrastructure in Several Animal Species
Fei Qing;Liu Lingyun
 pp.362-367      Abstract   |   PDF 1697KB
Effect of Negative Ions on Spontaneous and Cyclophosphamide-Induced Micronucleus Frequency in Mouse Bone Marrow Polychromatophilic Erythroblasts
Xie Lin;Yin Aihua;Song Yaping;Wang Yongchao
 pp.368-373      Abstract   |   PDF 498KB
Enhancement of Endonuclease Activity and Repair DNA Synthesis by Polysaccharide of Spirulina platensis
Pang Qishen;Guo Baojiang;Ruan Jihong
 pp.374-381      Abstract   |   PDF 748KB
Synthesis and Cloning of Lengthy cDNA Segments of 3’
Xu Naizheng Shang Furong
 pp.382-388      Abstract   |   PDF 748KB
Photometric Scanning of Area and Relative Content of DNA in Human Metaphase Chromosome with a Microscope Photometer
Zhou Yun Chen Haolinz Zhou Wenyu Cai Youyu Zhang Zhewei
 pp.389-395      Abstract   |   PDF 500KB
Cenetic Analysis of Two Families withvan der Woude Syndrome(lip pits, cleft palate, and cleft lip syndrome)
Allan B.Burdick Ma Lian Gao Ning Dai Zhuohua
 pp.396-400      Abstract   |   PDF 490KB
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