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Table of Content
1988 Vol.15 Issue4 ,      28 July 1988
Chromosomal Analysis for a Male-sterile Alien Substitution Line VE 161 in Common Wheat
Yang Tianzhang;Zhang Gaisheng;Wang Mingqi;Ye Shaowen;Yu Tienan
 pp.241-246      Abstract   |   PDF 1093KB
Analysis of Peroxidase Isozyme on Ipomoea Species
Xue Qihan;Shi Suyun;Liu Aimin;Yi Qionghua
 pp.247-253      Abstract   |   PDF 1962KB
New Breeding Technique Combining Rape Anther Culture with Erucic Acid Analysis II.The Change of Erucic Acid in the Pollen-derived Embryoid of Brassica juncea
Zhang Dawei;Chen Zhenghua;Zhang Lihua;Li Wenbin
 pp.254-259      Abstract   |   PDF 384KB
Study on Wheat Pollen Plant Progenies Producing Aneuploids
Zhang Yuling;Li Desen;Pan Weihua;
 pp.260-264      Abstract   |   PDF 932KB
Diallel Analysis of Peroxidase Isczyme in Maize
Liu Jihong
 pp.265-269      Abstract   |   PDF 418KB
Genetic Analysis of Ribosomal Protein S13 and BL18 Mutanta in Bacillus subtilis*
Bai Yinglin;Lin Gaofeng;Hu Kangquan
 pp.270-276      Abstract   |   PDF 4091KB
Study the Redistribution of Nuclear Matrix during Cell Cycle With the Method of Immunoflurecent Technique
Zhao Yuan
 pp.277-281      Abstract   |   PDF 4091KB
Comparative Studies on Synaptonemal Complexes in Spermatocytes of Chinese muntiac Muntiacus reeusi Black muntjac M. crinifrons and Indian muntjac M.muntjar
Ma Kun;Shi Liming
 pp.282-289      Abstract   |   PDF 1492KB
An Electrophoretic Comparison (Sds-Page) of The Serum Protein in 8 Species of Animals
Wang Zongren;Jia Fenlan
 pp.290-298      Abstract   |   PDF 912KB
Developmental Studies on Protoplasts of Porphyra haitanensis
Dai Jixun;Bao Zhenmin
 pp.299-302      Abstract   |   PDF 1099KB
Mode of Inberitance of Congenital Deaf-Mutism
Hu Danning;Qiu Weiqin;Wu Baotong;Fang Lizhou;Zhou Fu;Gu Yueping Zhang Qiuhua Yan Jianhua
 pp.303-308      Abstract   |   PDF 563KB
A Genetic Difference Model of the Population with Selection, Mutation and Migration and Migrtion
Sun Guowen
 pp.309-314      Abstract   |   PDF 388KB
Sister Chromatid Exchanges Induceed by Restriction Endonucleases*
Dong Weifeng;Zhang Sizhong
 pp.315-320      Abstract   |   PDF 621KB
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