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Table of Content
1988 Vol.15 Issue3 ,      28 May 1988
Studies on Induction of Pollen Plants from the Hybrids of Three Genera Triticum,Agropyron and Secale
Zhuang Jiajun;Jia Xu;Chen Guoqing;Miao Zhonghe
 pp.161-164      Abstract   |   PDF 957KB
Identification of 1B/1R Wheat-rye Chromosome Translocation
Dong Anshu;Quan Mayu
 pp.165-169      Abstract   |   PDF 1108KB
Studies on the Resistance to Sorghum Varieties Head Smut and Its Inheritance
Cao Ruhuai;Wang Xiaoling;Ren Jianhua;Nan Chenghu
 pp.170-173      Abstract   |   PDF 611KB
Some Characteristics of the Albino Pollen Plantlets of Rice and Investigation abut Its Cause of Formation
Zhang Yulin;Wang Zhengui;Guo Quansheng
 pp.174-180      Abstract   |   PDF 611KB
Regeneration of Fertile Plants from Cotyledon Protoplasts in Solanum melongena L
Li Gengguang;Zhang Lanying
 pp.181-184      Abstract   |   PDF 1130KB
The THeory of General Selection index
Chen yaosheng Sheng zhilian
 pp.185-190      Abstract   |   PDF 406KB
Effects of Cadmium on Spermatogenic Cells of Male Mice
Jiang Yaoqing;Zhang Naichang;Wu Jian;Gu Subin;Zhu Suling;Li Fangyuan;Sun Haiyuan
 pp.191-196      Abstract   |   PDF 904KB
Analysis of Syanptonemal Com plexes in Spermatocytes of the Hybrid F1 Between Red Deer and Sika Deer
Ma Kun;Shi Liming;Yu Xiuzhang;Wang Enkai;Sun Baoqi
 pp.197-200      Abstract   |   PDF 1354KB
Phosphoglucose Isomerase in Moxostoma
Xiong Quanmo
 pp.201-206      Abstract   |   PDF 388KB
Study on the Plasmids of Thermophilic Streptomyces
Liu Chongguang;Xue Yugu
 pp.207-214      Abstract   |   PDF 1376KB
A Map of 8 Restriction Endonucleases and Structure of Electron Microscope of Chinese Human Mitcchondrial DNA
He Lin;Mu Jin;Yan Ming;Wang Shijun
 pp.215-222      Abstract   |   PDF 1152KB
A New Method on in situ Nick-translation of Human Metaphase Chromosomes
Li Guiyuan;Pan Shicheng;Yao Kaitai
 pp.223-130      Abstract   |   PDF 1328KB
Prevalence and Mode of Inheritance of Major Genetic Eye Diseases in China
Hu Danning
 pp.231-236      Abstract   |   PDF 489KB
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