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Table of Content
1988 Vol.15 Issue2 ,      28 March 1988
Effect of E-xplant Sources and Cultura!Conditions on Plant Regeneration in Gossypium gossypioides (Ulbrich)Standley
Tan Xiaolian Qian Yingqian(Y C. Chien)
 pp.81-85      Abstract   |   PDF 501KB
The Cytogenetic Research on Desynaptic Variation of Somaclone from Somatic Cell Culture of lndica Rice
Ling Dinghou Chen Meifang Chen Wanying Ma Zhenrong
 pp.86-88      Abstract   |   PDF 985KB
Cytogenetic Studies of Chemically-induced Parthenogenic Maize Plants
Zhao Zuoyu Gu Mingguang
 pp.89-94      Abstract   |   PDF 1672KB
Ultrastructural and Protein Analysis of Albino of Rice and Wheat by Pollen Culture
Chen Xiangning;Li Yuxiang;Li Jigeng
 pp.95-101      Abstract   |   PDF 1499KB
Attacus ricini Chromosomal DNA Fragments Active as Prokaryotic Promoters in Escherichia colii
Liu Xiaoming Shen Luping Li Zaiping
 pp.102-110      Abstract   |   PDF 827KB
isolation and Characterization of the Antifreeze polypeptide Messenger RNA from the Shorthorn Scu场in
Song Shiduo;Choy L. Hew
 pp.111-116      Abstract   |   PDF 545KB
Analysis of High-resolution G-banding Pattern in Fish Chromosomes Treated by BrdU
Liu Lingyun
 pp.117-121      Abstract   |   PDF 1991KB
Changes in Patterns of Protein Synthesis during Retinoic Acid Induced-differention of F9-1Embryonal Carcinoma Cells
Liu Ling;Jiang Yaoqing
 pp.122-128      Abstract   |   PDF 3155KB
Variations During Developmental Process of AchE Isoenzyme In Susceptible Strain and Depterex-resistant Strain of the Cuiex Pipiens Pallens Coq.
Huang Gang;Huang Pinjian;Jiang Chengshan;Liu Zudong
 pp.129-137      Abstract   |   PDF 987KB
The Genetic Polymorphism of Serum Cholinesterase in Yi, Tibetan and Hani Ethnic Groups of Chiha
Wang Liqun;Chen Liangzhong;Jin Hao;Du Ruofu
 pp.138-143      Abstract   |   PDF 1042KB
A Further Study on the Relationship between the HLA and Longevity or Aging
Ma Yongxing;Wang Zanshun;Zhao Tongmao;Zheng Suqin
 pp.144-149      Abstract   |   PDF 1571KB
The Types and Breakpoints of Somatic Chromosome Aberrations in Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC) Patients and Heavy Smokers
Su Yuan;Wang Xiuqin;Wu Min;Tang Zhezhong;Kong Lihui;Wang Yuluan;ChenZhengmei
 pp.150-160      Abstract   |   PDF 1209KB
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