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Table of Content
1988 Vol.15 Issue1 ,      28 January 1988
Study onIntrogression of Useful Genes from Hordeum bulbosum to Common Wheat
Wang Liquan Zhu Hanru Rong Junkang Liang Zhuqing Zheng Yiren Guan Qiliang
 pp.1-8      Abstract   |   PDF 1383KB
Variation of Somaclonal Male Sterile Lines of lndica Rice by Cell Culture`
Ling Dinghou Ma Zhenrong Chen Wuanying Chen Meifang
 pp.9-14      Abstract   |   PDF 1189KB
Studies on the Application of Restrained. Selection in Wheat Breeding
Zhang Zuof ang
 pp.15-20      Abstract   |   PDF 466KB
Isolation and Ultrastructural Study of Nuclei from Soybean Protop lasts
Liu Yule Mi Jingjiu J. King
 pp.21-24      Abstract   |   PDF 1499KB
Mutation, Transfer and Location of Symbiotic Genes of Rhizobium leguminoof Tn5-Mob
C. L. Wang P. R. Hirsch
 pp.25-33      Abstract   |   PDF 827KB
Purification of HMGs and HP, from Beijing Duck andT heir Effects on Nuclei Transcription Activity in vitroo
Shang Kegang Zhou Xunlei Wu Heling
 pp.34-39      Abstract   |   PDF 475KB
The Determination of the 5’ Terminal Site of 15s rRNAGene Using S1 Mapping*
zheng zhongcheng CAO PING qian xiaozen lizaiping
 pp.40-45      Abstract   |   PDF 505KB
Study on LDH Isoenzyznes of Hybrid Yue-carp and Its Parents
Li Wancheng
 pp.46-51      Abstract   |   PDF 1032KB
Use of Synthetic 01igonucleotides in the Detection of --thalassemia Mutation in Chinese*
Huang Shuzhen Zeng Yitao Liao Yinghua Zhang Jizeng Jian Yuewei
 pp.52-60      Abstract   |   PDF 855KB
Study on Homology Between Two Kinds of Human Thymidine Kinase Gene By Southern Blot Analysis*
Zhao Shouyuan Cai Wucheng Wang Wenhua Zhang Jue
 pp.61-67      Abstract   |   PDF 716KB
Genetic Polymorphism of Human Red Cell Phosphoglucomutase-f Subtypes in Chinese
Zhou Ming Du Chuanshu
 pp.68-73      Abstract   |   PDF 416KB
The Effect of 5-azaC on the Inactive X-chromosome Renlication Bands of Human Fibroblasts
Li Jinxia J. H. Priest
 pp.74-80      Abstract   |   PDF 456KB
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