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Table of Content
1987 Vol.14 Issue6 ,      28 November 1987
Screening of Resistant Resource and Genetical Analysis of Resistance to Whitebacked Pianthopper(WBPH)Sogatella furcifera(Horvath)in Rice varieties(.ryza sativa L.)
Li Ximing Mi Shaokai Xiong Zhenmin Hu Guowen
 pp.413-418      Abstract   |   PDF 418KB
Studies on DNA. Synthesis of Micronuclei Induced by Irradiation Using Microautography Y. The Effects of Different Doses
Li Shuxian Liu Zhensheng
 pp.419-423      Abstract   |   PDF 815KB
Studies of Maize Chromosome G-banding by Use of ASG Method
Song Yunchun Liu Lihua Tan Xiaolan
 pp.424-427      Abstract   |   PDF 1311KB
Inheritance and Linkage of GOT, L.DH and MDII Isozymes in Masson P ine(Pinus massoniana Lamb.)
Ge Song Huang Minren Xu Nong
 pp.428-435      Abstract   |   PDF 731KB
Studies on the Synthetic Heterosis Index
Fu Aijun
 pp.436-441      Abstract   |   PDF 468KB
Comparative Studieson the Courtship Songs of Wild Typeand Abnormal Wing Shape and Compound Eye Color Mutants of Drosophila melanogaster
Geng Zhencheng Zhu Ding liangCai Huaixin Chen Jiyao Zhu Changsheng Gu Hongchun
 pp.442-446      Abstract   |   PDF 375KB
The0 Studies of Chromosomes in Drosophida aurarta ComplexSpecies Found in China and Japans'ii. The Synapsis of Homologous Chromosomes in Mitosis of Drosophila auraria Complex Species Found in China and Japan
Dai Zhouhua Diao Fushan
 pp.447-454      Abstract   |   PDF 1144KB
The Effect“Gossypol on Protein Components of Rat Sperm by Using Two-dimensional Electrophoresis Method
Wu Jian Jiang Yaoqing
 pp.455-459      Abstract   |   PDF 639KB
HLA-DR and cDNA Subprobes Reduce the Complexity of RFLP for DR Typing
Fei Hongming Marcel Tilanus Marja van Eggermood Marius Giphart
 pp.460-467      Abstract   |   PDF 804KB
Cloning of Phage T5 DNA Fragments Possessing Promoter Function in Bacillus subtilis
Li Bongsok
 pp.468-474      Abstract   |   PDF 578KB
A Twin Study on the Heredity of Finger Prints11. The Study on the Finger-print Patterns
Song Weihong Liu Xiehe Mu Shuhua Zhaiig Sizhong Wu Meiyun
 pp.475-480      Abstract   |   PDF 438KB
Genetic Polymorphism of Properdin Factor B in the Guangzhouese Population
Luo Zhijun Du Chuanshu
 pp.481-485      Abstract   |   PDF 386KB
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