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Table of Content
1987 Vol.14 Issue5 ,      28 September 1987
Molecular Cloning of Thermostable a-amylase gene from Bacillus lichenitormis and Expression in Basillus subtilis
Jiang Ruzhang;Geng Yunqi Ni Jin Chen令min Wang Guifen
 pp.323-331      Abstract   |   PDF 1012KB
Comparative Study on Chromosome Aberrations Induced by Neocarzinostation and Pingyangmycin in Vicia fabal1)
Gu Aigiu Geng Yuxuan Zhou Zhizhen
 pp.332-336      Abstract   |   PDF 821KB
Molecular Cloning of Specific Fragments of ctDNA from Male-sterile Line of Rape
Gao Jie Kong Fanrui Li Jigeng
 pp.337-343      Abstract   |   PDF 889KB
A Preliminary Study on Rye(Secale cereale)Chromosome by Silver Staining
Lu Yuxin Zhou Zhihang
 pp.344-348      Abstract   |   PDF 1196KB
Genetic Study on Disease Resistance for R ice Cultivar of Dan 209 Released from Anther Culture
Xue Qingzhong Chen Hesheng
 pp.349-354      Abstract   |   PDF 401KB
Studies on Induction of Helminthosporium maydisResis tance Mutation in Zea maysIV. The Screening of Disease-resistant Mutati m from Haploid Embryonic Cell Clone in Zea mays
Guo Lijuan Hu Qide Kang Shaolan Zhang Hao Huang Wufang
 pp.355-362      Abstract   |   PDF 1093KB
Analyses of Gene Effects for Three Quantitative Characters at Different Development Stages in Maize
Wu Guohai
 pp.363-369      Abstract   |   PDF 603KB
Analysis of the Genetic Compositions of Inbreeding Populations
Sun Zhiqiang
 pp.370-375      Abstract   |   PDF 436KB
Studies in Meiosis of Rana nigromacurata
Wen Changxiarig Liana Yuhua
 pp.376-379      Abstract   |   PDF 983KB
The Effect of Gossypol on the Activity of LDH-X in Mice and Rats I n yrvo
Wu Jian Jiang Yaoqing
 pp.380-386      Abstract   |   PDF 601KB
Study on the Developmental Genetics of isozymes in Grass Carp(Ctenopharyngodon idellus)Ii. Analysis of Isozymes During the Early Development of Grass Carp
Wu Lizhao Wang Zuxiong
 pp.387-394      Abstract   |   PDF 1145KB
AdenyIate Kinase Polymorphism of Nine Ethnic Groups in China
Zhao Hong Du Ruofu
 pp.395-398      Abstract   |   PDF 361KB
Investigation of Short-term Culture of Human Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes By Hogs’ Sera
Liang Xiulan Tang Senyuan Xia Hanchang Fu Tianling Zhan;r Qiyuan Li Zhenyue
 pp.399-403      Abstract   |   PDF 843KB
A Twin Study on the Heredity of Finger Prints I, The Study on the Ridge Count of Finger Prints
Song Weihong Liu Xiehe Mu Shuhua Zhang Sizhong Wu Meiyun
 pp.404-411      Abstract   |   PDF 501KB
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