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Table of Content
1987 Vol.14 Issue4 ,      28 July 1987
Plant Regeneration from Cell Suspension Culture and Establish ment of a Somaclone with High Ability of Regeneration
Song Yuhua Chen Zhenghua Li Wenbin Han Biwen Lu Fu
 pp.243-248      Abstract   |   PDF 722KB
Chromosomal Variation of Regenerated Plants from Somatic Cell Culture in Indica Rice
Ling Dinghou Chen Wanying Chen Meifang Ma Zhengrong
 pp.249-254      Abstract   |   PDF 1556KB
Studies on Aneuptoids from a Chinese indica Variety of Riceh Plant Morphological Part
Zhang;Tingbi Zhu Huan Shu Lihui Wang Shichang Li Xingrun
 pp.255-261      Abstract   |   PDF 1343KB
Studies on Two Important Rice Types Concerning the Origin and Differentiation of Asian Cultivated Rice
Wang;Xiangkun Cheng Kansheng Huang NTaiwei Luo Jun Lu Yixuan Liu Guangrong
 pp.262-270      Abstract   |   PDF 1099KB
Study of Escherichia coli galK and gpt Gene Introd ucedinto Mouse Fertilized Eggs
Yu Jiankang Wang Yaping Lu Deyu
 pp.271-277      Abstract   |   PDF 704KB
Study on the Developmental Genetics of Isozymes in Grass Carp(Ctenopharyngodon idellus)I. Analysis of Isozymes in Various Tissues and Organs of Grass Carp
Wu Lizhao Wang Zuxiong
 pp.278-286      Abstract   |   PDF 739KB
The Behavior of X一Chromosome Luring Differentiation of Female Teratocarcinoma Cells in vitro
Sun Haiyuan
 pp.287-293      Abstract   |   PDF 1235KB
Establishment and Characteristics in Cytogenetics and Enzymology of a Rat lvontumorigenic Tetraploid Cell Line
Yan Yongshan Feng Shang Liu Lianrui Zhen Huixin Feng Zhifan
 pp.294-301      Abstract   |   PDF 1842KB
High Resolution Technique in 850-1000 Bands Stage of Human Chromosomes
Li Luyun Xia Jiahui Dai Heping
 pp.302-306      Abstract   |   PDF 1556KB
The Redundancy Structure of Human Mitochondrial DNA
Chen Jianhua
 pp.307-312      Abstract   |   PDF 411KB
Construction of Genomic Library of Shigella flexneri 2a Chromosome DNA
Su Guofu Xu Yonggiang Zhang Zhaoshan Chen Tianmi Huang Cuif en
 pp.313-317      Abstract   |   PDF 499KB
Effects of Ribosomal Protein Mutations on the Expression of Bacteriophage Lambda N Gene in Escherichia cold’
Lei Chaozi Tong Kezhong
 pp.315-322      Abstract   |   PDF 859KB
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