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Table of Content
1987 Vol.14 Issue3 ,      28 May 1987
Cloning of Solanum nigrum ctDNA Fragment which Contains a-subunit of ATP Synthase Gene
Zhu Ronghuan Hu Naibi Ye Xuehai Deng Wanyin Zhai W enxue Li Nuo Li Xiaobing Zhu Lihuang
 pp.163-167      Abstract   |   PDF 556KB
A Study 0 n the Genotypical Differences in Anther Culture ofKeng Rice(Oryza saliva sub sp. Keng)
Wu Chuanyin Chen Ying
 pp.168-174      Abstract   |   PDF 539KB
A Preliminary Study on the Induction of Green Plantlets from Wheat Immature )Embryos
Zhang Lijian
 pp.175-178      Abstract   |   PDF 372KB
Genetic Analyses of the Purple Character in Inner MongoliaPurple Seed-coatwheat
Shao Zhongzi Deng Jingyang
 pp.179-187      Abstract   |   PDF 1411KB
The Production and Identification of Common Wheat X Cultvate Barley Hybrid Plant and Their Backcross Progeny
Li Zhang Liu Cuiyun Yan Zhenglu Wang Ming
 pp.188-192      Abstract   |   PDF 981KB
Genetic Analysis of Guin Content in Barley
Yu Zhilong Yang Yufeng
 pp.193-199      Abstract   |   PDF 497KB
The .Application of fsozyme Study on the Classification of Bacillus stearothermophilus
Tao tiVufan Shen Renquan Sheng Zujia
 pp.200-205      Abstract   |   PDF 960KB
Molecular Evolution of Polioviruses
Yang Xiaofeng Wang Hong Guo Ren
 pp.206-210      Abstract   |   PDF 441KB
Cytogenetic Studies of Petrochemical WorkersI. Monitoring for Chromosomal Aberrations
Li Lirong Li Lin Zhou Xianting
 pp.211-217      Abstract   |   PDF 591KB
Cytogenetie Studies of Petrochemical WorkersII. Studies on Sister Chromatid Exchange(SCE) and Cell Cycles
Cui Meiying Yu Ruifang Yan Zhuan Zhou Xianting
 pp.218-224      Abstract   |   PDF 558KB
Discussion on Origin of HbD一Punjab and Its D istr ibutio。in Xinjiang
Li Houjun Liu Dexiang Li Li Liu Zhiguo Zhao Jun Han X iaopen Yu Wuzhong
 pp.225-229      Abstract   |   PDF 350KB
Comparative Study of Restriction Maps of Duck mtDNAs
Wu Heling Lin Jiancheng
 pp.230-236      Abstract   |   PDF 675KB
Studies of the Late G:一chromatin Structure and the Chromosome Formation
Heng Hongqiang Chen Wenyuan
 pp.237-242      Abstract   |   PDF 1124KB
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