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Table of Content
1987 Vol.14 Issue2 ,      28 March 1987
Construction of Chloroplast Genomic Library of Atrazine-resistantSolanum nigrum
Zhai Wenxue Hu Naibi Deng Wanyin Zhu Lihuang Li Nuo Yue ShaoxianYe Xuehai Zhu Ronghuan Li Xiaobing
 pp.83-89      Abstract   |   PDF 776KB
Isolation and Organization Analysis of Histone H3 Genes from aRice Genomic Library
Wu Shengcheng Cai Yi滋n Wang Xinmirg
 pp.90-99      Abstract   |   PDF 1150KB
Screening of Rice Mutant Resistant to Amino Acid Analoges1. Screening of a Rice Mutant Resistant to S-(2-aminoethyl)L,-cysteane
Meng Zheng Chen Ying
 pp.100-106      Abstract   |   PDF 2010KB
Apomixis in Zanfhoxylum bungeanum and Z. simulans
Liu Yinghong Wang Fuxion;Qian Nanfen
 pp.107-113      Abstract   |   PDF 2010KB
The Changes of Nucleic Acid and Protein for Clones of PollenCallus of Maize in Subcultures
Huang Danian Gu Mingguang Zhang Xueqin Guo Caiyue Cao Ziyi
 pp.114-120      Abstract   |   PDF 621KB
Studies on the Hybrid between G. arboreurn L. and G. birbii Prokh
Li Binglin Zhang Bojing Zhang Xinrun Niu Yongzhang
 pp.121-126      Abstract   |   PDF 1597KB
Virus Transmission and Genetic Recombination FollowingInterspecif ic Protoplast Fusion in Asperg illus 11. Hybridization between A. niger and A.oryzae
Liang Pingyan Chen Kaiying
 pp.127-134      Abstract   |   PDF 2883KB
The Study on the LDH Isozymes in Beijing DuckIII.
Wu Heling Li Shipeng
 pp.135-141      Abstract   |   PDF 1864KB
On the Erythrocyte Nucleus Size and DNA Contents of Ctenopharyngodon idellus, Megalobrama terminalis and F, Hybrid
Liu Siyang Li Suwen
 pp.142-148      Abstract   |   PDF 580KB
Comparison of the Chromosomal Aberration Incidences in Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes of Dogs Exposed to Thermal Burn and Radiation
Bai Yushu Zhang Xiuxia Zhang Xiuxia
 pp.149-154      Abstract   |   PDF 501KB
The Construction of the Genomic Library of the Secondary Transformants front Human Gastrocarcinoma Cell Line BGC一823and the Molecular Cloning of the Transforming Gene
Chen Shiming Miao Jing Cai Hong Li Hua Dong Guoren Liu Peinan Lu Youyong Lu Guirong Xtz Xinlai E Zhenr
 pp.155-162      Abstract   |   PDF 761KB
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