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Table of Content
1987 Vol.14 Issue1 ,      28 January 1987
Genetic Variation of ADHI in Yeast Saccharomyces cer evisiae3’
Wu Peipei Chen Shiyi Qiu Hon;fang
 pp.1-7      Abstract   |   PDF 568KB
Structural Variation of Recombinant Plasmid DNA analIt’s Regulation on Transcription
Wang Bin
 pp.8-11      Abstract   |   PDF 340KB
Construction of Chloroplast Genornic Library of Brassicanapes and Isolation of 16S rRNA Gene and 16S一23S rDNA Spacer
Gao Jiaguo He Guoshun Wang Xunming Cai Yixin
 pp.12-18      Abstract   |   PDF 1150KB
New Breeding Technique Combining Rape(Brassica juncea)Anther Culture with Erucic Acid AnalysisL Study onNew Method for the Measurement of Erucic Acid and its Distribution in Different Tissues
Zhang Dawei Chen Zhenghua Li Wenbin
 pp.19-24      Abstract   |   PDF 519KB
Meiotic Studies on Pollen Plants of F1 between Octoploid Triticum-Agropyron and Common Wheat
Miao Zhonghe
 pp.25-30      Abstract   |   PDF 1047KB
Genetic Variabilities of Some Quantitative Charactersin Brassica napus L..
Liu Dingfu Liu Houli
 pp.31-36      Abstract   |   PDF 526KB
Induction of Endosperm Plants in Lycium Chinense Mill.var.potaninii(Pojark)A.M.Lu。and Examination on Chromosome Ploidy
Gu Shurong Gui Yaolin Xu Tingyu
 pp.37-41      Abstract   |   PDF 969KB
Selection of Cadmium Tolerant Mutants from Rice Anther Culture
Li Haimin Chen Ying
 pp.42-48      Abstract   |   PDF 637KB
Comparative Studies on the Inheritance of the Major MorphologicalTraits of Cy prinus pell egrini, C.carpio(scattered),C.carpio(red carp)and Their Hybrid F;
Shen Junbao Yan Yunqin
 pp.49-55      Abstract   |   PDF 614KB
Studies on Developmental Genetics of Isozymic Systems in Goldfish(Carassius Auratus L. var.)111. Duplication and Polyploidization of the Gene Loci in Goldfish
Luo Lizhong Wang
 pp.56-62      Abstract   |   PDF 1938KB
Cytogenetic Studies on Four Species of Amolops in the Hengduan Range
Wu Zhengan Tan Annning Zhao Ermi
 pp.63-68      Abstract   |   PDF 1938KB
Genetic Polymorphism of the Fourth Component of Human Complement(C4)in the Han Nationality of Wuhan District of China
Zbang Wenjie Tian Yanwu Yu Shangbin Zhang Yeping Zhao Xiuzhu
 pp.69-76      Abstract   |   PDF 934KB
Hb F Urumqi Gy’ 22(B4)Asp--*Gly a New Fetal Hemoglobis Variant Foundin a Uygur Newborn Baby
Hu Huaiyu Ma Meisun
 pp.77-81      Abstract   |   PDF 444KB
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