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Table of Content
1986 Vol.13 Issue6 ,      28 November 1986
Identif ication of Solanium nigrum Atrazine Resistant Biotypesand Cloning of Atrazine Resistance Gene
Zhu Lihuang Hu Naibi Zhai Wenxue Li Nuo Zhu Ronghuan Li Xiaobing Yue Shaoxian
 pp.403-410      Abstract   |   PDF 942KB
The Nucleot记e Sequence of Barley Chloroplast 4.5S rRNA
Zhang Hong Cheng Zhenqi) Li Fang
 pp.411-416      Abstract   |   PDF 799KB
In vitro Culture of Grapevine and Datura innoxia CrownGalls Incited by Agrobacterium tumefaciens Riotype3 Strains and Regeneration of Plants fromTumor Tissues
Ma Deqin Xiang Wangnian
 pp.417-422      Abstract   |   PDF 1233KB
Callus Induction, Culture and Chromosome Aberrationof Vicia faba
Zhang Dali Lin Juan Liu Lu Li Ling
 pp.423-429      Abstract   |   PDF 845KB
Chloroplast Thylakoid Membrane Polypeptides andCytoplasmic Male Sterility
Li Jiayang Li Jigeng
 pp.430-436      Abstract   |   PDF 1063KB
Analysis of the Genotype X Environment Interaction ofFertility Restoration in Timopheevi CMS Hybrid Wheat
Xu Guoping Fan Lian
 pp.437-446      Abstract   |   PDF 674KB
Studies on The Chromosome Replication Behaviour ofDomestic Prig(Sus scrofa domestica)
Zhao Xilin Chen Wenyuan Wang Zishu Wang Xizhong Heng Hongqiang
 pp.447-453      Abstract   |   PDF 1733KB
A Formula for Estimating the Expected Incidence in theRelatives of Affected Individuals
Jiang Sanduo
 pp.454-459      Abstract   |   PDF 442KB
Preliminary Studies on the Relationship BetweenMicronucleus Fonmation and Cell Cycle II. Studies on Micronucleus Formation by Autoradiography and Microscopy
Xue KaixianXue Kaixian Sun Yujie Zhou Ping Ji Guofang
 pp.460-463      Abstract   |   PDF 1511KB
Chromosome .Fragile Sites in Patients with Leukemia or Lymphoma
Hu Nan Wang Xiugin Wti Min Tang Zezhong Kong Lihui Zhang Meilan Wang Yuluan
 pp.464-469      Abstract   |   PDF 446KB
Studies of Air Negative Ion Protection from the ChromosomeAberrations and SCEs Induced by y--ra's in,Mice
Guo Xuecong Liu Lingyun Liu Yan Di Shaojie Fei Qing Zhou Ruiying Xie Lin Guo Yue
 pp.470-475      Abstract   |   PDF 1000KB
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