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Table of Content
1986 Vol.13 Issue5 ,      28 September 1986
Preliminary Studies on the Relationship between MicronucleusFormation and Cell Cycle .Effects of Various Store and Culture Intervals of Irradiated Human Whole Blood on Micronucleus Frequency in Lymphocyte
Xue KaixianXue Kaixian Ji Guofang Sun Yujie Zhou Ping
 pp.0-402      Abstract   |   PDF 518KB
Isolation and Characterization of Plasmid DNAs from 24Antibiotic-produsing Strains
Xue Yugu Tan Huarong Zhu Yingfang Zhuang Zenghui
 pp.323-329      Abstract   |   PDF 2165KB
S tudy of Streptomyces Promoter I, Clo ning and Expression of Streptomyces griseus Promoters in Escherichia coli
Doug Iiening Li Yun Zhuang Zenghui Xue Yugu
 pp.330-339      Abstract   |   PDF 824KB
A Study onAdditionD isom ic, 111ionosom is and T e losom ic Wheat-ryeLines by Using Giemsa C-banding Technique
Liu Hongwei Xu Zhongyao Zhang Han He Mengyuan Hao Shui
 pp.340-345      Abstract   |   PDF 1307KB
Analyses of.PX 4, PX 5 Gene and Their Biochemical Charactersof Translation Products in Leaves of Maize
Yang Taixing Zeng Mengqian
 pp.346-352      Abstract   |   PDF 1169KB
Isolation, Culture and Differentiation of the MesophyIIProtoplasts of Trigonotis pe而ncularis(Trev.)Benth
Zhang Dali Zhao Shuangyi
 pp.353-356      Abstract   |   PDF 674KB
Studieson the Effects of Micronucleus Induced by DifferentDose Rates in the Root Tip Cells of Vicia faba
Li Shuxian
 pp.357-361      Abstract   |   PDF 757KB
Studies on the Hybrid Synthetic Index of MultipleQuantitative Characters in Plant
Jiang Zhuosheng
 pp.362-368      Abstract   |   PDF 470KB
An Evaluation Based on of the Interspecific Relationships of L,ycorisPollen Viability and Rate of Seed-Set after Crossing
Xu Bingsheng Lin Jinzhen Yu Zhizhou Huang Shaofu
 pp.369-376      Abstract   |   PDF 1150KB
Synaptonema! Complex Kar yotyping and Abnormality of SCInduced by Radiation in Spermatocytes of GermanCockroach(Blattella germanica)
Feng Shuj;) Shi Liming
 pp.377-382      Abstract   |   PDF 1221KB
A Survey of 30 Biochemical Markers in Three ChineseInbred Strains of Mice
Xing Ruichang Liu Sh;ianghuan
 pp.383-390      Abstract   |   PDF 684KB
The Discovery of the Antibody against IgA Allotype Anti-A2m(2)and the Study on Am Genetic Marker among the Chinese Han Nationality
Wu Guoguang Liu Dazhang Yu Guoding Pang Gang Hu Weiyu Jia Hongye
 pp.391-396      Abstract   |   PDF 466KB
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