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Table of Content
1986 Vol.13 Issue4 ,      28 July 1986
Genetic and Phenotypical Suppression of Outer MembraneMutant ompD in Escherichia coli
Chao Qimin Chen Xiaokang Wang Wenhua Zhang Beseng Sheng uujia
 pp.243-247      Abstract   |   PDF 347KB
Analysis of the Translation Products of Ribosomal GeneMutants in Bacillus subtilis
Zhou Fen Bai Yinglin Wang Susheng
 pp.248-253      Abstract   |   PDF 1260KB
Template Specificity of RNA polymerase
Wang Bin Liu Lianrui
 pp.254-258      Abstract   |   PDF 373KB
Cytogenetic Identification on Blue-grained Wheat
Mu Sumei Li Zhensheng Zhou Hanping Yu Ling
 pp.259-261      Abstract   |   PDF 722KB
Induction of Pollen Plant and Clones Establishment ofFritillaria ussuriensis Maxim
Du Lingge Hou Yanhu:a Chang Weichtan Zhao Yahui Li Ansheng Shao Qiquan   Yang Zhentang Chen Zeguang
 pp.262-265      Abstract   |   PDF 798KB
Analysis of HSPs of Male Sterile Sorghum by Electrophoresis
Zhang Kongtian Huang Fei Li Jingjin
 pp.266-276      Abstract   |   PDF 1275KB
A Preliminary Analysis on Yield Heterosis and MainYield Characters of F1, F2, F3 in B"type Hybrid HsienRice - A Study on Multiple Generation Utilizationof Heterosis in Three Lines Hybrid Rice
Liang Jingkun Liang Chengye Chen Baoyuan He Bingsen Huang Yuwen Pan Xiaojuan
 pp.277-284      Abstract   |   PDF 636KB
Chromosomes Study in Drosophila auraria Complex Species Found in China LA study of karyotpe between D. auraria and D. triauraria foundin China
DaiZhuc;hua Diao Fustian
 pp.285-294      Abstract   |   PDF 1228KB
Studies on the Karyotype and C-banded Chromosomes ofEulaelaps shanghaiensis (Acari:Gamasina)
Chen Chunsheng Meng Yangchun
 pp.295-301      Abstract   |   PDF 955KB
Study on Utilization Repeated Records of Relatives in BLUP
Liu Songyuan Sheng Milian
 pp.302-309      Abstract   |   PDF 350KB
Study of Fragile X Syndrome
Zhou Xianting Xiao Guifang Xu Bizhen Wang Wei Zhang Wenqin Du Jing Lun Yulan
 pp.310-316      Abstract   |   PDF 641KB
A Study on Restriction Endonuclease Site Polymorphism andHaplotype in the.P-globin Gene Cluster in Chinese
Zeng Yitao Huang Shuzhen Zhou Xiadi Chen Meijue Zhang Meilan Yi Shuncheng Wang Changgi Lei Bizhen Chen Chunbo Mai Meiji
 pp.317-322      Abstract   |   PDF 467KB
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