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Table of Content
1986 Vol.13 Issue3 ,      28 May 1986
Cloning of Yeast Gene (Pro2)Coding for Proline SynthesizingEnzyme(Glutamate Phosphate Reductase)and Leu+Pro'Phenotypic Cotransduction
Xuan Jianwu Kuang Daren
 pp.163-171      Abstract   |   PDF 813KB
Studies onthe Temperate Bacteriophages from Bacillus lichenifor. mis Biological Characterization
Li Yuyang) Chen Yongqing) Chu Zhonggiang)
 pp.172-178      Abstract   |   PDF 732KB
Studies on the Temperate Bacteriophages from Bacillus licheniformis U. Molecular Biological Characterization of DNA
WangXunming Yan Weiyue Yuan Hanying Li Yuyano
 pp.179-183      Abstract   |   PDF 869KB
Studies on Plant Regeneration from Protoplasts of Brassi eca J unaea
Li Wenbin Chen Zhenghua Song Yuhua Zhang Dawei
 pp.184-187      Abstract   |   PDF 859KB
Selection of Mutants of Xanthomonas oryzae by Tissue Culture in Rice I.In vitro Induction and Screening of Mutants Resistant to Xanthomonas oryzae Dowson from Callus Culture in Rice
Sun Lihua She Jianming LU Xuefeng
 pp.188-193      Abstract   |   PDF 1071KB
In vitro Screening of Rice Germplasm for Resistance to Brown Spot Disease Using Phytotoxin
Ling Dinghou P. Vidhyaseharan E. S. Bo.rromeo F. J. Zapa.ta Miao Donghua
 pp.194-200      Abstract   |   PDF 850KB
Chloroplast Genome Translated Products and CytoplasmicMale Sterility
Liu Zuochang
 pp.201-206      Abstract   |   PDF 574KB
Preparation and Properties of mtDNA in the Posteria SilkGland of Bombyx mori
Cao Yang;Tang Rentian;Liu Liangsbi;Tang Weilhi
 pp.207-212      Abstract   |   PDF 677KB
A Comparative Studyon the Karyotypes of FourSpecies of Catfish
Wu Guomin Man Chibin Chen Yongle Wang Zhenoxun Luo Junlie Lin Zhaoping Pan Kunging
 pp.213-220      Abstract   |   PDF 1924KB
Studies on Combined Selections
Xu Shizhong
 pp.221-226      Abstract   |   PDF 449KB
A High-resolution Study of Chromosomes in a Human LungAdenocarcinoma Cell Line (LTEP一al)
Fan Yaoshan Li Pu Sun Yongning Wang Hui Yao Dapeng Lai Baitang
 pp.227-231      Abstract   |   PDF 1177KB
Study on Chromosome Fragility in Patients with Viral Diseases
Xiao Bai Zhou Xianting Wang Anqi Xu Lianzhi Zhou Jinlan
 pp.232-237      Abstract   |   PDF 476KB
A Case of (Double Heterozygote for Hb-Philadelphia anda-Thalassemia: Studies on the Chemical Structure oftheHemoglobin and the。a-Globin Gene Organizatio
Zeng Yitao Huang Shuzhen Zhou Xiadi Ren Zhao;rui Jin Qunce Zhang Mujie Wen Pingeheng Zhang Guiiiwn
 pp.238-242      Abstract   |   PDF 616KB
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