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Table of Content
1986 Vol.13 Issue2 ,      28 March 1986
A Phenylethyl Alcohol Resistant Temperature Sensitive dnaB Mutant in Escherichia col
Mao Yuming Sheng Zujia
 pp.81-88      Abstract   |   PDF 574KB
A Phenylethyl Alcohol Resistant outer Membrane Mutant in Escherichia coli
Chao Qimin Wang Wenhua Sheng Zujia
 pp.89-95      Abstract   |   PDF 469KB
Fine Mapping of Srn- and Su-resistant Genes on theTranspos.n Tn233(CH)
Li Mingang Hong Mengmin
 pp.96-106      Abstract   |   PDF 1578KB
The Discovery, Determinationana Utilization of the Hubei Photosensitive Genic Male-sterile Rice Oryza sativa subsp. japonica)
Shi Mingsong Deng Jingyang
 pp.107-112      Abstract   |   PDF 1405KB
Study of Somatic Embryogenesisand Plant Regeneration in Maize
Xie Youju Chen Li Dai Jingrui
 pp.113-119      Abstract   |   PDF 639KB
Quantitative Inheritance Analysis of Plant Height and Intercalary Length of Sorghum
Cheng Baocheng Liu Qiaoying Jiang Hong Liu Lerong
 pp.120-124      Abstract   |   PDF 345KB
Comparative Observations on the Kary otype of North-easternRed Deer and North-eastern Sika Deer and KaryotypeAnalysis of Their Hybrid Offsprings of FiveHybridized Combinations
 pp.125-131      Abstract   |   PDF 2106KB
Study on Dissection of Chromosome in PTK2 by Laser Microirradiation
Liang Hong Lu Zhongkang Wang Laulan Hu Yinghe Song Guiying Chen Zhenongu
 pp.132-135      Abstract   |   PDF 947KB
A Study on the LDH Isozymes in the Beijing Duck 11. Identification of the LDH Isozymes in the Beijing Duck by Thin-layer Isoelectric Focusing in Polyacrylamide Gel
Li Shipeng Wu Heling
 pp.136-143      Abstract   |   PDF 1350KB
A Study of Sister Chromatid Exchange(SCE)in PeripheralLymphocytes of Hepatitis B Patients with HBsAgPositive and "Their Children
Wang Peilin Liu Shufang Shen Shomrling Dong Xiaoyong
 pp.144-149      Abstract   |   PDF 412KB
Study of Prenatal Diagnosis on First Trimester of PregnancySix Enzymes Determination for Chorionic Villi Samples
Wu Ye Zhou Xianting
 pp.150-154      Abstract   |   PDF 498KB
An Elementary Studyon the Relationship between Statureand Heredity and Environment in Zhejiang Province
Lin Xiuyu Mao Zongxiu
 pp.155-159      Abstract   |   PDF 284KB
Induction of Teratomes and T-DNA Transmission on Brassica pekinensis Rupr.
Deng Liping Guo Yahua Shao Qiquan Jiang Xingeun
 pp.160-162      Abstract   |   PDF 673KB
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