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Table of Content
1986 Vol.13 Issue1 ,      28 January 1986
Identification of a Sym Plasmid from Rhi.zobiurn astragaIiiand Transfer of the Determinants for Nodulation Ability
Ning Linfu Gong Hanging Zhuo Lumhig Liu Aiping Cen Yingll cia
 pp.1-10      Abstract   |   PDF 1238KB
Molecular Cloning of The 4.1 kb‘Sail Fragment of theSpinach Chloroplast DNA
Li Xiaobing Hu Naibi Zhu Ronghuan Zhai Wenxue Li Nou Zhu Lihuang
 pp.11-16      Abstract   |   PDF 578KB
Studies on Utilization of Transposons Tn 233(CH)and Tn5 as Gene Vectors
Hong Mengmin Wang Zongyang Li hhingang
 pp.17-26      Abstract   |   PDF 818KB
A Preliminary Report on Establishing and Identification ofthe Trisomic Series in Sugar Beets
Guo Dedong Li Shanyuan Lou Zhuangwei Bai Qingwu Jin BinghaoZhu Hongbiao Wen XiangZhang Qirony
 pp.27-34      Abstract   |   PDF 1384KB
Genetic Variations and Gene Effects Controlling -Prolif icacyand Other Traits in Corn(Zea mays L.)
Guo Pingzhong C. O. Gardner M。Obaidi
 pp.35-42      Abstract   |   PDF 639KB
Cabbage: A Potential Recipient in Plant Genetic Engineering
Jiang Xingcun Shao Qiquan W u Chunf  Zheng Xiaoying
 pp.43-47      Abstract   |   PDF 1045KB
Mutagenesis of The Translocation Between Z and W Chromosomesand Analysis of the Gene Constitution of TranslocatedChromosome in the Silkworm (Bombyx more L.)
Huang Junting Kimiharu Onimaru
 pp.48-55      Abstract   |   PDF 575KB
Study of Chromosomes of a Transplantable Lung Adenocarcinoma
Song Suhua Liu Shuzhen Li Nuofu Lu Ying Sun Wenyi Ling Lihua
 pp.56-59      Abstract   |   PDF 998KB
The Study on the LDH Isozymes in Beijing DuckI. A Resolution of the LDH Isozymes in Beijing Duck byThin-layer Isoelectric Focusing in Polyacrylamide Gel
Li Shipeng Wu Heling
 pp.60-65      Abstract   |   PDF 1143KB
A Human-Mouse Hybridoma Immortalized in vitro
Mao Yiping Lu Xiaoxuan Shan Xiangnian Wang Shijun
 pp.66-70      Abstract   |   PDF 985KB
The Studies on Meiosis in the Infertile Human Human Male III. The Cytogenetic Analysis in 21 Cases, of Infertile Male
Guo Jianmin Shi Liming Su Jianwu Zhang Lianyuan Tang Liming
 pp.71-75      Abstract   |   PDF 1319KB
Cytogenetic Subtypes讨11q; 22q Translocat ion with Highresolution Banding Analysis of 3 Cases
Zhang Sizhong
 pp.76-80      Abstract   |   PDF 892KB
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