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Table of Content
1985 Vol.12 Issue6 ,      10 November 1985
Genetic Studies on Two New Mutations in Main RibosomalProtein Gene Cluster of Bacillus subtilis
Zhang Wei Bai Yinglin Tong Kezhong
 pp.405-415      Abstract   |   PDF 894KB
Molecular Analysis of the Stability of Human TK TransformantsGenerated by a TK Gene Fragment and a TK cDNA Fragment
Zhao Shouyuan Ma Zhengrong Tang Weiliang
 pp.416-423      Abstract   |   PDF 817KB
Transformation of Antibiotic Resistance Conferring Plasmidsfrom Bacillus stearothermophilus
Jiang Xingjuan Ren Daming Yang Qingyun Yang Guocheh Ye Yinfeng Shen Renquan
 pp.424-429      Abstract   |   PDF 678KB
Morphological and Chromosomal Changes of Regenerated Plantsfrom Inf lorescence Calli of Hordeum vul Bare x T riticum aestivum Hybrid
Zhu Zhiging(C. C. Chu) Sun Jingsan(C. S. Sun) Wang Yuxiu Chen Xiao Du Zhenhua Xu Huiiun Zhana Wenxiang
 pp.430-433      Abstract   |   PDF 1444KB
Somaclonal Variation in Intergeneric Hybrids ofHordeum vul Bare X T riticum aestivum
Li Junmin.g Zhu Mei Cai Tishu
 pp.434-439      Abstract   |   PDF 1517KB
Induction of Endosperm Plants from Lycium barbarumand Its Ploidy Level
Wang Li Chen Shuping Qin Jinshan Wang Dazhen Shay. Qiquan Niu Deshui
 pp.440-444      Abstract   |   PDF 944KB
Study on Cluster Analysis .of the Usual Crossing parents from the Tai一Hu Valley inR’ice
Guo Ernan Guao Jianehuen Zhuong Daxing Wang Gdilin
 pp.445-453      Abstract   |   PDF 691KB
NOR Activity and Giant Chromosomes with HSR of HybridClone Derived from a Four-karyon
Yan Yongshan
 pp.454-461      Abstract   |   PDF 739KB
A Study of Sex Chromosome in Rana nigromacul ata byBrdU一Hoechst 33258-Giemsa Technique
Wu Heling Zhang Renpei
 pp.464-46+9      Abstract   |   PDF 731KB
Studies on the Karyotypes and C-banding Patterns of ThreeSpecies in Channidae(Pisces)
Li Kang Li Yucheng Zhou Dun
 pp.470-477      Abstract   |   PDF 1880KB
Gene Analysis of a Typical Chinese a-thalassemia Family
Zhang Junwu WuGnanyun Huang Youwen Wang Rongxin Zhang Nijia
 pp.478-485      Abstract   |   PDF 657KB
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