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Table of Content
1985 Vol.12 Issue5 ,      10 September 1985
Isolation, Preliminary Characterization and Expression of aNear Full-length eDNA for Human Thymidine Kinase
Zhao Shouyuan
 pp.325-330      Abstract   |   PDF 1174KB
Studies on Complementation of Transposition Function andTransposition Immunity Among Transposons Tn4, Tn3and Tn233(CH)
Zheng Feiqin Yang Yunliu Wang Zongvang Hong Mengniin
 pp.331-338      Abstract   |   PDF 635KB
Sorghum Autotetraploid and Its Hybrid’)
Lou YaowuYan Xuezhong Chen Shilin Qiao Zijing
 pp.339-343      Abstract   |   PDF 1187KB
Genetic Analysis of Quantitative Characters in Upland Cotton(Gossypium hirsutum L.)I. Estimation of Genie Effects on 17 Agronomic Characters fromGeneration Means
Wu Zhenheng;Liu Dingjun;Mo Huidong
 pp.344-349      Abstract   |   PDF 774KB
Studies on Culture of Immature Sorghum Embryos in vitroand Variations of Regenerated Plants
Ma Hongtu G. H. Liang
 pp.350-357      Abstract   |   PDF 930KB
Karyotype Analysis of Abnormal Plants in Vicia Faba 1. Breakage of Secondary Constriction of Ms and Occurrence ofSatellite Fragments
Shang Xiaomin
 pp.358-358*361      Abstract   |   PDF 1803KB
Cytogenetic Effects of Cisplatin on Germinal Cellsof the Male Mouse
Shi Liming
 pp.362-366      Abstract   |   PDF 1011KB
Studies on the karyotypeasof Chinese Cyprinid FishesV11. Karyotypic Analyses of Seven Species in the Subfamily Leuciscinaewith a Consideration for the Phylogenetic Relationships of SomeCyprinid Fishes Concerned
Li Yueheng Li Karg Hong Yunhan Gui Jianfang Zhou Dun
 pp.367-372      Abstract   |   PDF 1238KB
A Study of Sex Chromosome in Carassius auratus by BrdUHoechst33258-Ciemsa Technique
Zhang Renpei Wu Heling
 pp.373-378      Abstract   |   PDF 919KB
A Kindred of Miao Nationality Affected with Grebe-Quelce-SalgadoAchondrogenesis
Feng Bo Chen Renbiao Luo Jianguo Chen Ruiguan Zheng Yingming
 pp.379-386      Abstract   |   PDF 928KB
Study on Radiosensitivity of the Patients With OesophagealCancer By Micronucleus Test
Xue Ka xian Cai Yiyun Ding Bangyu Sun Yujie Wang SuMa Guojion Zhou Ping
 pp.387-394      Abstract   |   PDF 580KB
Chemical Structure Analysis of Hemoglobin Constant Spring
Zhao Jiugbo Chen Chunho Qin Wenbin Ju Tianlin Yue giulan Yan Xiulan Qin Liangyi
 pp.395-400      Abstract   |   PDF 391KB
A Study of Inducing Petite in Yeast(Saccharomyces cereaisiae)by Using of Complex Treatments with Acrif levine and Ethidium Bromide
Xu Zhiyan Wang Min
 pp.401-404      Abstract   |   PDF 273KB
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