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Table of Content
1985 Vol.12 Issue4 ,      10 July 1985
Location of Amplification Dihydrofolate Reductase Gene on L615 Cell Chromosomes
Liu Lianrui;Wang Huipeng;Feng Shang;Yang Taolan
 pp.243-248      Abstract   |   PDF 692KB
Characterization of Deletion Mutants of Transposon Tn 233(CH)
Chen Jianmin;Hong Mengmin
 pp.249-256      Abstract   |   PDF 662KB
The Transformation of Naphthalene Plasmid in Pseudomonas aeruginosa AS1.860
Wang Yuewu;Ma Shengwu;Chen Defeng;Lu Ding;Jiang Guancheng;Zhang Xiuming;Zong Maokun;Zhou Yuliang;Jiao Ruishen
 pp.257-261      Abstract   |   PDF 369KB
Genetic Analysis of Ribosomal Protein L20 Gene Mutation in Bacillus subtilis
Bai Yinglin;Hu Kangquan
 pp.262-267      Abstract   |   PDF 346KB
A Study on Heredity of Pollen Plants in Rice(Oryza sativa shbsp.Keng)
Chen Zeguang;Zhang Zengming;Yang Zhentang;Liu Zhidong
 pp.268-274      Abstract   |   PDF 539KB
Studies on The Process of Fertilization and Development of Embryos and Endosperms of Triticum aestivum after Crossing with Tetraploid Hordeum bulbosum
Wei Xiulin;Cao Hualin;Hu Qide
 pp.275-280      Abstract   |   PDF 742KB
 pp.281-284      Abstract   |   PDF 503KB
A Study on the Giemsa C-bands in the Chromosomes of Gossypium arboreum L.
Wang Yuning
 pp.285-288      Abstract   |   PDF 359KB
A Comparison of Salivary Chromosome and Isozymes of Three Zymes of Anopheles sinensis in Xuzhou and Yixing Districts
Ye Binghui;Shen Shibi;Zao Weixian;Huang Pinqian;Li Qing
 pp.289-294      Abstract   |   PDF 516KB
The Study of the Expression of LDH Isozyme Genes in Ground Squirrel(Citellus dauricus Brandt) during Hibernation
Jin Hao;Wu Heling
 pp.295-301      Abstract   |   PDF 658KB
Studies on the Karyotypes of Chinese Cyprinid Fishes
Gui Jianfang;Li Yucheng;Li Kang;Hong Yunhan;Zhou Tun
 pp.302-308      Abstract   |   PDF 866KB
The Effect of 60Co r-rays on Synthesis of Three Macromolecules during T and B Lymphocytes Transformation in Tumor Patients
Su Liaoyuan;Liu Keliang;Xue Zhimou;Geng Yongzhi;Xu Changshao;Gao Yaoming;Yao Deyuan;Yu Zhiying
 pp.309-314      Abstract   |   PDF 355KB
Studies on Polymorphism in β-globin Gene Cluster in ChineseⅡ.The Polymorphic Restriction Endonuclease HincⅡ Sites Within and 3’ to the φβ1 Gene
Fang Fude;Wu Guanyun;Shen Yian;Zuo Jin;Huang Shangzhi
 pp.315-318      Abstract   |   PDF 282KB
Investigation of Families of 2 Cases with Du Type
Dong Jiankang;Tao Dalin;Shi Mingzhen;Lu Yuexiang;Hu Ronghua;Zhang Derun;Cao Guiei
 pp.319-324      Abstract   |   PDF 300KB
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