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Table of Content
1985 Vol.12 Issue3 ,      10 May 1985
Cloning Promoter Containing DNA Restriction Fragment in Bacillus subtilis
Guo Sandui;Jia Shifang
 pp.163-169      Abstract   |   PDF 619KB
Isolation and characterization of Plasmid DNA from Gentamicin Producer
Tan Huarong;Huan Liandong;Zhu Yingfang;Zhuang Zenghui;Xue Yugu
 pp.170-174      Abstract   |   PDF 581KB
Genetic Analysis of Osmotic-Sensitive Character in Yeast(Saccharomyces cerevisiae)
Qiu Hongfang;Chen Shiyi
 pp.175-182      Abstract   |   PDF 678KB
Studies on Test-tube Interspecies Fertilization between Brassica napus L. Male Sterile Line and brassica parachinensis Bail.
Zhang Zhaoliang;Li Baojian
 pp.183-188      Abstract   |   PDF 1155KB
Pollen Dimorphism and Virus Infection in Paeonia Emodi
Huang Bin
 pp.189-1925      Abstract   |   PDF 1081KB
The Mechanism Approach of Heterosis From Phenotypic Diversity of Peroxidase Isozyme in Tomato Plants
Huang Yongfen;Wang Haiting
 pp.193-199      Abstract   |   PDF 869KB
Establishement of Autotetraploid of Lycium barbarum
Qin Jinshan;Wang Li;Chen Suping;Wang Dazhen;Niu Deshui;Jiang Xingeun;Shao Qiquan
 pp.200-203      Abstract   |   PDF 888KB
Biochemical Genetic Variation in the Pearl Oysters,Pincatada fucata and P.chemnitzi
Li Gang;Jin Qizeng;Jiang Weiguo;Wei Yiyao
 pp.204-212      Abstract   |   PDF 634KB
Study on Characteristics of BrdU-resistant Cells Ⅱ.NORs Activities of Four BrdU-resistant Sublines and Mechanism of the NORs Suppression Caused by BrdU
Yan Yongshan;Qian Jin;Xi Xiahui
 pp.213-218      Abstract   |   PDF 876KB
The Effect of Low Enviromental Temperature on Lactate Dehydrogenase(LDH) Isozymes of Albino Laboratory Mice
Jin Hao;Zhao Hong;Wu Heling
 pp.219-223      Abstract   |   PDF 345KB
An Analysis on a-Globin Genes of Hb Q-H Disease*
Huang Shuzhen;Zeng Yitao;Zhou Xiadi;Chen Chunbo;Yi Shuncheng;Wang Changqi;Chen Daizhong
 pp.224-227      Abstract   |   PDF 349KB
Partial Duplication and Deletion of Chromosome 4 in an infant of a Carrier of Pericentric Inversion of Chromosome 4
Xiao Guanghui;Chen Zheng;Lai Fuying;Lu Bingqing
 pp.228-231      Abstract   |   PDF 500KB
A Program for Linkage Analysis(Lods)
Liu Xinhua;Cai Xuanqing;Xu Youen
 pp.232-237      Abstract   |   PDF 300KB
Transfer and Expression of Klebsiella pneumoniae nif Genes in Alcaligenes faecalis, a Nitrogen-Fixing Bacterium Associated with Rice Root
Ye Zhihua;Chen Junmin
 pp.238-242      Abstract   |   PDF 373KB
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