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Table of Content
1985 Vol.12 Issue2 ,      10 March 1985
Studies on the Streptomycin Sensitive Mutants and Their Revertants Derived From Transposon Tn233(CH)
Cai Ruizhu;Zhang Jingliu;Hong Mengmin
 pp.0-0      Abstract   |   PDF 777KB
Genetic Analyses of Polymeric Genes for Maltose Fermentation in Saccharomyces
Ni Baofu;Chen Shiyi
 pp.93-101      Abstract   |   PDF 711KB
Ribosomal Protein Gene Mutations of Bacillus subtilis1)
Bai Yinglin;Hu Kangquan;Miao Yuhua
 pp.102-105      Abstract   |   PDF 1357KB
Identification and Localization of Transposition Genes in Transposon Tn 233(CH)
Wang Zongyang;Hong Mengmin
 pp.106-112      Abstract   |   PDF 535KB
Study of Tumor Induced Reaction of Glycine Infected by Agrobacterium tumefaciens in Jilin Province and T-DNA Transfer
Jian Yuyu;Zheng Huiyu;Su Zhongwu;Shao Qiquan;Jiang Xingcun;Zhou Zeqi
 pp.113-118      Abstract   |   PDF 569KB
Inheritance on the Zymogram Bands of Isozymes and Proteins in Different Tissues of Maize (Zea mays L.)
Zeng Mengqian;Yang Taixing
 pp.119-125      Abstract   |   PDF 541KB
A New Indicator Distinguishing Zygotic and Nucellar Seedlings in Citrus
Jian Lingcheng;Liu Gengfeng;Zeng Nanqing
 pp.126-131      Abstract   |   PDF 1118KB
An Observation of the Polytene Chromosomes in Salivary Gland Cell of Chironomus sp.
Wu Heling;Li Ruqi
 pp.132-136      Abstract   |   PDF 1569KB
Tetraploid-hexaploid Relationship in Schizothoracinae
Zan Ruiguang;Lin Wanguo Song Zheng
 pp.137-142      Abstract   |   PDF 1171KB
Studies on the Karyotype and C-banding Patterns in Acheilognathus gracilis with a Discussion on the Evolution of Acheilognathid Fises
Hong Yunhan;Zhou Tun
 pp.143-148      Abstract   |   PDF 955KB
Immunoglobulin Gm and Km Allotypes in Chinese(Han):A Family Study
Zhao Tongmao;Zhang Gongliang;Bu Kunju;Zheng Suqin;Gu Wenjuan
 pp.149-153      Abstract   |   PDF 346KB
A New Fast-moving Hemoglobin Variant, HbJ-Tashikuergan a19(AB1)Ala→Glu
Li Houjun;Liu Dexiang;Liu Zhigou;Li Ping;Li Li
 pp.154-178      Abstract   |   PDF 420KB
A Useful Method for the Demonstration of the Haploid Chromosomes of Human Spermatozoa
Yang Yuzhou;Zhang Jingbo;Yuan Ju;Xue Shepu
 pp.159-162      Abstract   |   PDF 1100KB
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