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Table of Content
1985 Vol.12 Issue1 ,      10 January 1985
Expression of HO Gene Controlled Under Promoter GAL10 in Yeast
Li Yuyang;PengXiuling;James R.Broach
 pp.1-6      Abstract   |   PDF 569KB
Stuides on Mitochondrial DNA from Candida tropicalis 79
Weng Wenmei;Wu Jinglun;Wang Hao;Jiao Ruishen
 pp.7-13      Abstract   |   PDF 609KB
Chromium Resistance in Bacillus subtilis
Chen Lingai;Tong Kezhong Yu Lei;Bun-ichiro Ono
 pp.14-19      Abstract   |   PDF 586KB
Studies on the Biochemical Complementation of Non-producing Mutants of Streptomyces erythreus and the Biosynthetic Pathway of Erythromycin
Zhang Xiaoyu;Yu Xueqin;Zhu Weimin
 pp.20-26      Abstract   |   PDF 576KB
THE Restriction Map of Mitochondrial DNA from Chicken Liver
Wei Yuewang;Ma shuyi;Zhao Bangti;Shen Tung
 pp.27-34      Abstract   |   PDF 541KB
Gene Expression and Regulation of Male Sterility in MaizeⅠ.In vitro Transcription of Cloned Maize Mitochondrial DNA
Wang Bin;Rusty J.Mans
 pp.35-41      Abstract   |   PDF 482KB
T-DNA Transfer and Tumor Formation Induced by Agrobacterium tumefaciens on Litchi chinensis
Ouyang Shu;Zheng Xiaoying;Wang Ruizhen;Jiang Xingcun;Shao Qiquan
 pp.42-45      Abstract   |   PDF 1133KB
Plant Regeneration form Hypocotyl and Pollen Calli in Octoploid Rape "Victory"
Zhou Gaozhi;Ge Koulin;Yang Jinshui;Ye Mingming;Wang Yunzhu
 pp.46-50      Abstract   |   PDF 951KB
Cytogenetics of Aneuploids Derived from Pollen Plants of Rice
Chu Qiren;Zhang Lingnan
 pp.51-60      Abstract   |   PDF 1066KB
An Observation of the Polytene Chromosomes in Salivary Gland Cells of Chironomus sp.
Wu Heling;Li Ruqi
 pp.61-66      Abstract   |   PDF 1569KB
Chromosome Banding in Fishes Ⅰ.An Improved BrdU-Hoechst-Giemsa Method for Revealing DNA Replication Bands in Fish Chromosomes
Hong Yunhan;Zhou Tun
 pp.67-71      Abstract   |   PDF 1418KB
Distribution of Gc Phenotypes in a Chinese Population from Beijing
Ni Jintang;Zhao Zhuangding
 pp.72-76      Abstract   |   PDF 316KB
Cytogenetic Studies on Biopsies from Human Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma by G-banding Technique
Li Xu;Ou Baoxiang
 pp.77-82      Abstract   |   PDF 1579KB
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