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Table of Content
1984 Vol.11 Issue6 ,      10 November 1984
An Aberration of a Case with Three Translocations Involving Six Chromosomes
Zhang Zewei;Zhou Yun;Ming Deyi;Zhang Wenqin
 pp.0-504      Abstract   |   PDF 642KB
Construction of a Cloning Plasmid Vector pMM15
Lu Haoying;Du Lianying;Ma Xiankai
 pp.411-415      Abstract   |   PDF 535KB
Clonig of Lys3+ Gene of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens in Bacillus subtilis
Guo Sandui;Men Dapeng;Jia Shifang
 pp.416-422      Abstract   |   PDF 646KB
Cloning and Expression of Streptomyces aureofaciens Promoters in Escherichia col i
Dong Kening
 pp.423-433      Abstract   |   PDF 1082KB
Molecular Cloning of the 2.17 kb EcoRI/BamHI Fragment of the mtDNA from Beijing Duck Liver
Zhao Bangti;Zhu Zhen;Ma Shuyi;Shen Tung
 pp.434-440      Abstract   |   PDF 772KB
Lethal Zygosis Phenomenon in Streptomyces qingfengmyceticus
Zheng Youxia;Zhao Renjun
 pp.442-447      Abstract   |   PDF 1244KB
Isolation and Biological Activity of Phenylalanine tRNA from the Liver of the To ad (Bufo bufo bufo asiaticus)
Liao Jinmin
 pp.448-455      Abstract   |   PDF 553KB
Transmission of Nopaline Synthetic Enzyme Gene in Genome of Solanum nigrum L.
Jiang Xingcun;Shao Qiquan;Wang Dazhen
 pp.456-460      Abstract   |   PDF 689KB
In vitro Culture of Hybrid Embryo Crossed Between Aegilops squarrosa and Wheat,R ye or Triticale
Shuang Zhifu;Wang Zhenfu;Jiang Caixia;Zhang Ruixian;Li Changhua;Li Chunfang
 pp.461-465      Abstract   |   PDF 1084KB
Pachytene Analysis on Chinese Dong Xiang Wild Rice and Its Affinity with Cultiva ted Rice
Chu Qiren;Zhang Zhenhua
 pp.466-471      Abstract   |   PDF 477KB
Study of Electrophoresis of Isozymes and Soluble Proteins of Diploid Perennial T eosinte and Its Hybrid F1 with Maize
Huang Danian;Gu Mingguang;Zhang Xueqin;Zhao Zhifa;Gao Yujun
 pp.472-480      Abstract   |   PDF 760KB
Hybrid Formation of a Chinese Hamster Cell Line and Human Lymphocytes and Its Id entificaiton
Qiu Xinfang;Zhou Jiemin;Li Yongquan;Yuan Hanying;Xue Jinglun;Liu Zudong
 pp.481-486      Abstract   |   PDF 1688KB
Studies on Developmental Genetics of Isozymes in Goldfish (Carassius auratus L.)II.Analysis of Lactate Dehydrogenase Isozymes During Embryogensis of Goldfish
Luo Lizhong;Wang Chunyuan
 pp.487-493      Abstract   |   PDF 754KB
Cytogenetic Studies on 14 Cases wi Amenorrhea
Zhou Huangeng;Kang Xuezhen;Zhang Qingqing;Chen Wenzhen;Zhang Ruixia;Lu Huibi
 pp.494-504      Abstract   |   PDF 1920KB
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