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Table of Content
1984 Vol.11 Issue5 ,      10 September 1984
Molecular Cloning of a cDNA Sequence Specifically Expressed in Mouse Undifferent iated Embryonal Carcinoma Cell Lines
Xu Yisheng;P.Brulet
 pp.325-331      Abstract   |   PDF 783KB
Genetic Recombination of Plasmid pBR322 DNA in Two recA-Escherichia coli Strains
Huang Xitai;Zhang Fuhui;Liang Zhiquan (Liang Chih-chuan
 pp.332-338      Abstract   |   PDF 922KB
Molecular Cloning and Monomeric Hybrid Plasmid Transformation in Bacillus subtilis
Chen Naiyong;Guo Sandui;Yin Xiaoming
 pp.339-347      Abstract   |   PDF 983KB
The Monoclonal Antibody Against Bacillus anthracis Protective AntigenII. Characterization of the Antibody
Zhen Yongmu;Shang Furong;Ning Yihua;Song Haiyuan;Yu Chunhai;Yao Sufang;Huang Hualiang;Zhuang Hanlan
 pp.348-354      Abstract   |   PDF 715KB
Study of Satellites in Chromosomes of Rice
Pan Kunqing;Lin Zhaoping;Wang Zhengxun
 pp.355-360      Abstract   |   PDF 2319KB
The Induction of Unscheduled DNA Synthesis in Embryos of Peanut and Rice by γ-r adiation
Qiu Quanfa;Liu Zhensheng;Li Baojian;Luo Jinxian;Li Aiqun;Yan Hao;Chen Weir ong
 pp.361-367      Abstract   |   PDF 611KB
Embryological Observations on the Development of Hybrids between Hordeum vulgare L.and Triticum aestivum L.
Chen Zhu Xizhao;Chen Xiao;Zhang Wenxiang;Du Zhenhua
 pp.368-373      Abstract   |   PDF 2065KB
Studies on Induction of Plant Differentiation in Pollen Callus of Wheat
Zhuang Jiajun;Jia Xu;Chen Guoqing
 pp.374-381      Abstract   |   PDF 670KB
Genetic Analysis on a Family of Syndrome of Testicular Feminization in Pigs
Shi Qishun;Fan Liqun;Zou Jisheng
 pp.382-387      Abstract   |   PDF 683KB
Studies on Formation of Micronucleoli by Laser Irradiation and Their Cytochemica l Analysis
Hu Yinghe;Liang Hong;Jiang Yaoqing
 pp.388-394      Abstract   |   PDF 1362KB
A Cytogenetic Demonstration of XY Sex Determination in Bufo raddei
Deng Chongxin;Shang Kegang
 pp.395-399      Abstract   |   PDF 1280KB
Hemoglobin Andrew-Minneapolis:A Study on Its Structure and Function
Zeng Yitao;Huang Shuzhen;Cheng Guanchi;Qiu Xiaokun;Ren Zhaorui;Dong Qi ngyuan;Wang Dayun;Tang Minghui;Chen Wenbin;Chen Hemei
 pp.400-405      Abstract   |   PDF 488KB
Studies on Meiosis in the Infertile Human MaleI. A Case of Infertile Male Presumably Induced by the Radiation
Guo Jianmin;Shi Liming;Su Jianwu;Zhang Lianyuan;Tang Liming
 pp.406-410      Abstract   |   PDF 1082KB
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