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Table of Content
1984 Vol.11 Issue4 ,      10 July 1984
Study of the Plasmid of Bacillus polymyxaⅡ.Formation,Regeneration and Transformation of Bacillus polymyxa Protoplast
Lin Chilan;Dong Bihong;Qian Cunrou
 pp.245-252      Abstract   |   PDF 761KB
Construction and Characterization of Two Hybrid Plasmids pTW 161 AND pTW162
Li Yuan;T.K.Wang
 pp.253-259      Abstract   |   PDF 668KB
Isolation and Identification of Naphthalene Plasmid in Pseudomonas aeruginosa AS 1.860
Cao Caichang;Cai Baoli;Zhang Xiuming;Chen Defeng;Liu Quanli;Jiao Ruish en;Wang Yuwu;Zhou Yuliang
 pp.260-264      Abstract   |   PDF 524KB
The Monoclonal Antibody Against Protective Antigen From Bacillus anthracis I.Establishment of Hybridoma Cell Lines
Shang Furong;Zheng Yongmu;Ning Yihua;Song Haiyuan;Yu Chunhai;Huang Hual iang;Zhuang Hanlan
 pp.265-269      Abstract   |   PDF 418KB
Genetic Analysis on Quantitative Characters of Corn (Zea maize)I.Genetic Potential and Its Utilization of Corn Inbreds in China
Mo Huidong Hu Xuehua Luo Yiqi
 pp.270-275      Abstract   |   PDF 489KB
Studies on Giemsa C-banding in Diploid Perennial Teosinte and Its Hybrids with M aize
Gu Mingguang;Ting Y.C.;Zhang Xueqin
 pp.276-280      Abstract   |   PDF 954KB
Study on the Culture of Unpollinated Ovaries of Nicotiana tabacum and Its Cytolo gy
Zhu Zhongchun;Wu Haishan;An Qingkun
 pp.281-287      Abstract   |   PDF 1183KB
Induction of Longan Haploid Plantlets from Pollens Cultured in Certain Proper Me dia
Yang Yongqing;Wei Wenxiong
 pp.288-293      Abstract   |   PDF 696KB
Bands on Chromosomes of Four Anuran Amphibia and the Relationship between the C- banding Ag-stained NORs and the Secondary Constrictions
Liu Wanguo;Zan Ruiguang
 pp.294-301      Abstract   |   PDF 2530KB
Observation on Silver-stained Synaptonemal Complex in Rhesus Monkey Spermatocyte s by Light Microscopy
Shi Liming;Liu Ruiqing;Chen Yuze
 pp.302-305      Abstract   |   PDF 1067KB
Induction of Nuclear Polyhedrosis in the Silkworm by Silkworm DNA
Li Mintang;Gu Maozhi;Li Zaiping;Huang Kewei;Lu Youhua
 pp.306-311      Abstract   |   PDF 456KB
Cirrekatuib if Chromosomal Changes with Patient Age and Sex in Acute Nonlymphocy tic Leukemia
Li Yousheng
 pp.312-317      Abstract   |   PDF 625KB
Spontaneous and Induced Chromosome Aberration in Folic Acid Deficient Medium
Zhou Xianting;John A.Reidy;Andrew T.L.Chen
 pp.318-324      Abstract   |   PDF 516KB
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