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Table of Content
1984 Vol.11 Issue3 ,      10 May 1984
Interspecific Somatic Hybridization between Penicillium patulum and P.chrysogenu m Ⅱ.Viruses Transmit Through Protoplast Fusion
Chen Kaiying;Ling Pingyan
 pp.159-170      Abstract   |   PDF 1980KB
Non-integrative Suppression of the Replication Initiation Mutant dnaP18 of Esche richia coli by the Plasmid R144 drd3
Yang Guochen;Wang Wenhua;Shen Renquan;Sheng Zujia
 pp.171-178      Abstract   |   PDF 714KB
Regulation of Mercuric Resistance Gene Expression in Plasmid R100.1
Dai Xiuyu;Lu Deru
 pp.179-183      Abstract   |   PDF 406KB
Induction and Isolation of the Mutants Deleted in λ Prophage DNA
Shen Ping;An Zhidong;Fang Chengxiang;Zhang Jiayao;Cao Junwei;Liu Xuzha ng;Zhou Dongpo
 pp.184-188      Abstract   |   PDF 494KB
Cloning of Soybean Urease Gene Fragment
Wang Jinfa;Li Baojian
 pp.189-194      Abstract   |   PDF 525KB
A Karyotypic Study of Pisum
Li Maoxue;Du Meixia
 pp.195-201      Abstract   |   PDF 1384KB
Genetic Analysis of C-banding Patterns on Root Tip Chromosomes in Male Sterile L ines,Their Maintainer,Fertility Restorer and F1 Hybrids of Maize (Zea mays)
Dong Yunchun;Liu Lihua
 pp.202-206      Abstract   |   PDF 1028KB
Chromosome Giemsa N-banding in Rice
Yao Zhen
 pp.207-210      Abstract   |   PDF 369KB
A Study on Suppression of Nucleolar Organizer Regions Activity of Chinese Hamste r Cells Caused by 5-Bromodeoxyuridine
Yan Yongshan;Qin Jin;Xi Xiahui
 pp.211-217      Abstract   |   PDF 1067KB
Studies on the Expression and Regulation of Ovalbumin Gene in the Chromatin of B eijing Duck I.Comparative Analysis of the Chromosomal Proteins from the Liver and Oviduct of Laying and Stopped-laying Beijing Duck
Lin Jinhu;Liu Ronghua;Li Meiqin;Wu Heling
 pp.218-225      Abstract   |   PDF 687KB
A Preliminary Study of Some Genetic Variation Induced by Nucleic Acid in Fowls
Li Xiaoping;Jia Chengyu;Dou Yongze;Yang Lei;Yu Lu
 pp.226-229      Abstract   |   PDF 319KB
Dust Mite Sensitivity:Its Genetic Model and Mapping
Cai Xuanqing;Xu Youen
 pp.230-236      Abstract   |   PDF 411KB
Study of Micronuclei in Cultured Tumour Cells ——Micronuclei-Dose Response of H eLa Cells Induced 8 MV X-ray
Mi Fushun;Li Donghua;Li Zheng;Sun Yan;Shen Yu;Gu Xizhi
 pp.237-240      Abstract   |   PDF 896KB
Studies on Haptoglobin Types of Shanghai Population (Secondary Report)
Kong Luqing;Shi Mingzhen
 pp.241-244      Abstract   |   PDF 361KB
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