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Table of Content
1984 Vol.11 Issue2 ,      10 March 1984
Localization fo Resistance Genes on Transposon Tn233 (CH)
Wang Zongyang;Hong Mengmin
 pp.81-87      Abstract   |   PDF 511KB
Study on Regulation of Purine Biosynthesis by Using Gene Fusion
Wang Xuesong;Lu Deru
 pp.88-92      Abstract   |   PDF 389KB
Characterization of a Transposon Tn 2981 in Escherichia coli
Chen Xiaokang;Zhu Dingliang;Zhu Jianhua;Zhang Baisheng;Wang Xunming;Sheng Zujia;Kong Xiangfu
 pp.93-99      Abstract   |   PDF 715KB
Heterocystous Anabaena 7120 DNA in Transformation
He Jiawan;Wang Yeqin;Li Shanghao
 pp.100-105      Abstract   |   PDF 829KB
N-banding in Haynaldia villosa and Triticum durum¡ªH.villosa Amphidiploid
Liu Dajun;Chen Peidu
 pp.106-108      Abstract   |   PDF 936KB
Chromosome Aberration Induced by Three Components of Pingyangmycin in Vicia faba
Shen Guangping;Wang Qinnan;Zhou Zhizhen
 pp.109-112      Abstract   |   PDF 1070KB
nvestigation of Ploidy and Other Characters of the Gynogenic Plants in Oryza sativa L.
Liu Zhonglai;Zhou Chang
 pp.113-119      Abstract   |   PDF 1484KB
Comparison of Karyotype and Chromosome N-banding Pattern of Hordeum spontaneum of Qing-Zang Plateau and That of the Middle East
Zhou Zeqi;Shao Qiquan;Jiang Xingcun
 pp.120-124      Abstract   |   PDF 1302KB
Diplochromosomes and Their DNA Recombinations in Chinese Hamster V79 Cells
Huang Yuquan
 pp.125-131      Abstract   |   PDF 1431KB
Electrophoretic Studies on the Lactate Dehydrogenase and Malate Dehydrogenase Is ozymes in Tissues of Three Species in Genus Tilapia
Yang Xingqi;Deng Chuxia;Chen Hongxi
 pp.132-140      Abstract   |   PDF 1073KB
Restriction Endonuclease Cleavage Maps of Mitochondrial DNAs from the Muscles of Cyprinus carpio and Carassius auratus
Chen Guanjun;Chen Caiyun;Wang Erzhong
 pp.141-146      Abstract   |   PDF 477KB
Comparative Study on the Construction of IFN Genes in Two Hunan Cell Strains with Different IFN-inducing Abilities
Lin Jianxin;Hou Yunde;Duan Shumin
 pp.147-152      Abstract   |   PDF 1259KB
Studies on Erythrocyte Glucose-6-phosphate Dehydrogenase Variants in Chinese ¢ó.Ge(-) Miaozu-Baisha
Du Chuanshu;Xu Yankang;Hua Xiaoyun;Wu Qiulin;Liu Liangbin;Wu Min;Weng Yunnong
 pp.153-158      Abstract   |   PDF 541KB
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