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Table of Content
1984 Vol.11 Issue1 ,      10 January 1984
High Resolution Idiograms of G-banded Chromosomes of Somatic Cell of the Chinese
Su Yuan;Wang Xiuqin;Wei Changqian;Wu Min
 pp.0-70      Abstract   |   PDF 1887KB
Studies on DNA-Dependent RNA Polymerases VI.Comparison of Immunological Properties Between L615 and 615 Mouse Liver DNA P olymerase B
Wang Huipeng;Liu Lianrui;Wang Bin;Huang Chongxi
 pp.1-5      Abstract   |   PDF 518KB
Screening and Isolating of Mouse Immunoglobulin Heavy Chain C8 Gene from New Bor n Mouse DNA Library
Yang Jianqing;Yang Zhixing;Yang Xuecheng;Qu Vaolan;Dong Jiayou;Wang Runzhi;Liu Weimin
 pp.6-11      Abstract   |   PDF 544KB
Studies on Gentamicin Resistant Mutants in Bacillus subtilis
Bai Yinglin;Ding Jiabing;Miao Yuhua;Hu Kangquan
 pp.12-18      Abstract   |   PDF 801KB
Isolation and Characterization of Plasmid pBCl from Butirosin-producing Strain Bacillus circulans 3342
Li Yuan;Shi Lianying;Wang Shuochang
 pp.19-25      Abstract   |   PDF 855KB
A Study of Induction and Plantlet Differentiation of Embryogenic Cluster of Trihaploid Rice
Ling Dinghou;Chen Wanying;Chen Meifang;Ma Zhenrong
 pp.26-32      Abstract   |   PDF 1000KB
Cytogenetical Study on Pollen Plants from F1 Hybrid Between Hexaploid Triticale and Common Wheat
Wang Xingzhi
 pp.33-38      Abstract   |   PDF 1572KB
Production of Diploid Pure Lines of Maize through Parthenogenesis Induced by Chemicals
Zhao Zuoyu;Gu Mingguang
 pp.39-46      Abstract   |   PDF 843KB
Induction of Maternal Haploid Plants from Unpollinated Ovaries of Poplar in vitro
Wu Kexian;Xu Miaozhen
 pp.47-51      Abstract   |   PDF 1321KB
The Karyotype of Bufo raddeiII. A Polymorp hism in Number of Ag-NORs and a Dosage Compensation Effect
Shang Kegang;Li Shipeng;Jin Hao
 pp.52-60      Abstract   |   PDF 3554KB
A Study of Idntieal Twins with Klinefelter's Syndrome
Zhang Qianqian;Zhou Huangeng;Chu Renyuan;Kang Xuezhen;Zhang Renan;He Danna;Su Chongjie;Jiang Yongming;Chen Huifang
 pp.71-75      Abstract   |   PDF 1375KB
A Case of Hemoglobin Iwata £Û¦Á87(F8)His¡úArg£Ý in China
Liu Guoyang;Zhang Gueixing;Nie Shunyi;Luo Huiyuan;Teng Yuqin;Liu Shuping;Song Min;Den Lin;Chen Songsen;Jia Peichen;Liang Zhiquan
 pp.76-80      Abstract   |   PDF 472KB
A Special Karyotype in the Genus Rana¡ª¡ªAn Investigation of the Karyotype,C-ban ding and Ag-stained NORs of Rana phrynoides Boulenger
Liu Wanguo;Zan Ruiguang
 pp.61-64      Abstract   |   PDF 419KB
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