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Table of Content
1983 Vol.10 Issue6 ,      10 November 1983
Cloning of The Ribosomal RNA Gene of Silkworm Attacus ricini in Escherichia coli
Wu Xiangfu;Zhen Zhongchen;Jin Jiarui;Jian Fumei;Chu Meijin;Qian Xiaozhen;Li Zaiping
 pp.423-428      Abstract   |   PDF 497KB
Plasmid in Relation to Streptomycin Biosynthesis —— Isolation and Characteriza tion of S.griseus Plasmids before andafter Transformation
Zhuang Zenghui;Zhu Yingfang;Tan Huarong;Xu Yi;Xue Yugu
 pp.429-435      Abstract   |   PDF 1201KB
Construction and Property of Vehicle Plasmid pKC1 for Bacillus subtilis Ki-2-132
Tang Maohong;Yang Yueqin;Sun Yonghua;Qi Shaochun;Hu Jianxiang
 pp.436-442      Abstract   |   PDF 623KB
Isolation of the Drug Resistant Plasmids of the Animal Intestinal Bacteria in Be ijing Zoo
Kong Xiangfu;Dong Jinlan;Li Hongquan;Shun Hongtao;Chen Xiaokang
 pp.443-451      Abstract   |   PDF 906KB
A Study on the Genetic of Exterior Quality and Fat of the Rice Grains
Qi Zubai;Li Baojian;Yang Wenguang;Wu Xiufeng
 pp.452-458      Abstract   |   PDF 524KB
The Inheritance of the Esterase Isozyme Est3 Locus in Rice
Wang Bingquan;lu Shiwei
 pp.459-464      Abstract   |   PDF 599KB
Sister Chromatid Exchanges In Wheat
Dong Guangyuan;Zhang Zili
 pp.465-470      Abstract   |   PDF 1249KB
Variation in Mitochondrial Translation Products and Cytoplasmic Male Sterility in Sorghum
Fu Hongyi
 pp.471-476      Abstract   |   PDF 523KB
Study on the Identification and Classification of Malesterile Cytoplasm in Maize
Wen Zhenmin
 pp.477-482      Abstract   |   PDF 1434KB
Suppression of Nucleolar Organizer Regions Activity of Chinese Hamster Cells in Mouse-hamster Somatic Hybrid Cells
Yan Yongshan;Qian Jin;Xi Xiahui
 pp.483-488      Abstract   |   PDF 2001KB
Further Studies on the Salivary Gland Chromosomes of Anopheles Sinensis
Ye Binghui;Huang Pinqian;Li Benwen;Xie Changsong
 pp.489-492      Abstract   |   PDF 1453KB
A Preliminary Cytogenetic Study on the Macrophage Line MMC-1
Xue Kaixian;Zhou Ping;Wang Debin;Wang Xiaochi
 pp.493-497      Abstract   |   PDF 1460KB
Cytogenetic Studies of an Epithelial Cell Line Derived from a Porrly Differentia ted Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
Zhang Sizhong;Gao Xiukung;Zeng Yi
 pp.498-503      Abstract   |   PDF 1345KB
Dssociation of Length of the Y Chromosome in Shanghai District with Stature
Wang Songyan
 pp.504-509      Abstract   |   PDF 407KB
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