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Table of Content
1983 Vol.10 Issue5 ,      10 September 1983
Terminal Fragment Hybridization Method —— A Simple Method for the Restriction Map Analysis
Wu Xiangfu;Jiang Fumei;Li Zaiping
 pp.329-332      Abstract   |   PDF 296KB
Localization of 18S and 6.5S Ribosomal RNA Genes on the Ribosomal RNA Genes of Silkworm Attacus ricini
Zheng Zhongcheng;Qian Xiaozhen;Yang Guanzhen;Zhong Aibao;Li Zaiping
 pp.333-340      Abstract   |   PDF 599KB
Expression of Bacteriophage T4 Deoxycytidylate Hydroxymethylase Gene and Immunity Gene in E.coli Maxicells
Jiang Ning;Lu Shiyi
 pp.341-346      Abstract   |   PDF 516KB
Restriction Enzyme Cleavage Map of the Plasmid pFD101 from Bacillus stearothermophilus
Zhang Junkai;Jiang Xingjuan;Wang Shunde;Wang Xunming;Shen Renquan
 pp.347-351      Abstract   |   PDF 641KB
Genetic Analysis of Grain Protein Content and Its Quality in Commom Wheat
Zhu Muyuan;Xu Abing;Pei Hongping;Yu Zhilong
 pp.352-361      Abstract   |   PDF 802KB
The Factors Affecting Induction and Differentiation of Callus in Rice Anther Float Culture
Tian Wenzhong;Chen Ying
 pp.362-368      Abstract   |   PDF 610KB
Induction Pollen Plants of Litchi Tree (Litchi chinensis Sonn)
Fu Lianfang;Tang Daoyi
 pp.369-374      Abstract   |   PDF 1305KB
Correlative Heritability and Its Application in Breeding
Dai Junti;Yang De;Yin Shiqiang;Yin Tengjiao
 pp.375-383      Abstract   |   PDF 627KB
Cellular DNA content of Fourteen Species of Fresh-water Fishes
Li Yucheng;Li Kang;Zou Dun
 pp.384-389      Abstract   |   PDF 477KB
Genetic Analyses of Eight Isozymes in Anopheles sinensis and A.lesteri anthropop hagus anda Study on Their Evolutionary Relationships
jiang Chengshan;Miao Jiewu;Pan Jiafu;Jiang Wenbin
 pp.390-397      Abstract   |   PDF 671KB
Preliminary Analysis of Genetic Distance between Seventeen Nationalities in China
Yuan Yida;Du Ruofu
 pp.398-405      Abstract   |   PDF 648KB
Studies on Relationship between Haptoglobin Genetic Polymorphisms and Disesases II. Relationship between Haptoglobin Genetic Polymorphism and Leukemia
Yu Minshu;Du Chuanshu
 pp.406-413      Abstract   |   PDF 624KB
The G-banding Patterns in Mouse (Mus musculus) Chromosomes
Ling Lihua;Ma Shaowu
 pp.414-418      Abstract   |   PDF 1276KB
Cytogenetic Studies on One Case with a Balanced de novo Translocation of Chromos omes 12 and 16
Cheng Zaiyu;Liu Chunyun;Gao Chunsheng;She Huiping
 pp.419-422      Abstract   |   PDF 481KB
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