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Table of Content
1983 Vol.10 Issue3 ,      10 May 1983
In vitro Enlargement of pBR322 and the Related Restriction Enzyme Maps
An Zhidong
 pp.167-174      Abstract   |   PDF 647KB
Cloning and Expression of Promoters of Escherichia coliII. Expression of the Tetracycline Resistance Gene under Control of Various Prom oters
Wu Xiangfu;Ao Shizhou;Hideo Takahashi;Li Zaiping
 pp.175-179      Abstract   |   PDF 1749KB
Expression and Character of Three Plasmids from Staphylococcus aureus Strain 307 in Bacillus subtilis Strains Ki-2 and 168
Sun Yonghua;Li Xinming;Tang Maohong
 pp.180-185      Abstract   |   PDF 547KB
Further Observation of Somatic Hybrid Plant between Nicotiana glauca and Petunia hybrida
Li Wenbin;Sun Yongru;Huang Meijuan;Li Xianghui
 pp.194-196      Abstract   |   PDF 1989KB
Studies on the Chlorophyll-protein Complexes in Chloroplast Mutants of Barler
Li Yuxiang;Geng Yuxuan;Li Jigeng
 pp.197-202      Abstract   |   PDF 600KB
Analyses on Karyotype and Esterase Isozyme of Cultivated and Wild Barleys from Qinghai-Xizang (Tibet) Plateau
Zhou Zeqi;Shao Qiquan;Zhou Zhihang
 pp.203-208      Abstract   |   PDF 640KB
Study on Transfer of Exogenous Chromosomes by Means of Microcells
Yan Yongshan
 pp.209-215      Abstract   |   PDF 609KB
Studies on the Karyotypes of Chinese Cyprinid FishesI. Kar yotypes of ten Species of Abramidinae
Li Yucheng;Li Kang;Zhou Dun
 pp.216-222      Abstract   |   PDF 470KB
Test on the Restricted Selection Index and Some Theoretical Considerations II. Some Theoretical Considerations on Selection Indices
Yang Da
 pp.223-229      Abstract   |   PDF 1275KB
Studies on the Chromosome G-banding Patterns in Rice-field Eels (Monopterus albu s Zuiew)
Liu Lingyun
 pp.230-234      Abstract   |   PDF 1317KB
Studies on Relationship between Haptoglobin Genetic Polymorphisms and Diseases I. Characters of Haptoglobin Genetic Polymorphisms in A Guangdong Population
Yu Minshu;Du Chuanshu
 pp.235-241      Abstract   |   PDF 1089KB
Hemoglobin Ube-2 (α68(E17) Asn→Asp) and Its Structural Analysis
Huang Shuzhen;Zeng Yitao;Zhou Xiadi;Feng Jiping;Cong Jianping;Li Minya o;Guo Jianwei;Chen Meijue;Chen Ben;Liang Yanqing;Wang Meiqi;Liao Xia;Zhang Xiaomei;H.Lam;J.B.Wilson
 pp.242-246      Abstract   |   PDF 684KB
Study on the Heredity of Resistant Factors of Eleven Vorn Inbreds to Helminthosp orium maydis Race “O”
Zhang Chuanmo;Xu Weiji;Zhu Xianchao;Wu Quanan;Zhao Yuanzhang
 pp.186-193      Abstract   |   PDF 310KB
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