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Table of Content
1983 Vol.10 Issue2 ,      10 March 1983
Cloning and Expression of Promoters of Escherichia coliI.Expression of the β-galactosidase Gene under Control of Various Promoters
Ao Shizhou;Wu Xiangfu;Hideo Takahashi;Li Zaiping
 pp.85-90      Abstract   |   PDF 473KB
The Transfer of Plasmid pHV33 through Protoplast Fusion between E.coli SK1592 (p HV33) and B.subtilis FD1980
Sue Qing;T.C.Sheng;J.C.Shen
 pp.91-95      Abstract   |   PDF 446KB
Selection of Ribostamycin Producing Mutant 3-18
Xu Juyan
 pp.96-102      Abstract   |   PDF 580KB
Studies on Transfer of Genetic Material from Haynaldia villosa to Triticum aesti vum
Liu Dajun;Chen Peidu;Pei Guangzheng;Wang Yiaonan
 pp.103-113      Abstract   |   PDF 1995KB
Chloroplast DNA and Cytoplasmic Male Sterility
Liu Yinong;Li Jigeng
 pp.114-122      Abstract   |   PDF 924KB
The Research of Interspecific Somatic Hybrids of Tobacco and Their Offsprings
Chen Jiayu;Wang Peitian;Zao Shimin;Xu Jinxiang;Wang Lianqing
 pp.123-127      Abstract   |   PDF 1290KB
Studies on Test-tube Fertilization of Ovules in Huaiqing Gulutinous Rehmannia
Liu Qingqi;Mao Wenyue
 pp.128-132      Abstract   |   PDF 1261KB
Karyotype Studies of Male Triploid Crucian Carp (Fangzheng Crucian Carp) in Heil ongjiang
Shen Junbao;Fan Zhaoting;Wang Gourui
 pp.133-136      Abstract   |   PDF 2600KB
A Comparative Study on Chromosomes of Oxen (Bos taurus),Yaks (Bos grunnieus) and Their Hybrids
Guo Aipu
 pp.137-143      Abstract   |   PDF 1606KB
Test on the Restricted Selection Index and Some Theoretical Considerations I.Restricted Selection Experiments
yang Da
 pp.144-149      Abstract   |   PDF 437KB
Studies on Haptoglobin Types of Shanghai Population
Kong Luching;Shi Mingzhen;Lu Yuexiang;Zhang Xiling
 pp.150-156      Abstract   |   PDF 964KB
Sister Chromatid Exchanges and Micronucleus Test in Gossypol Formicum Users
Zhang Zhongshu;Lu Qun;Tan Yongbu;Jiang Xiurong;Zheng Huizhen;Wang Ren li;Wang Minming;Yiao Yulong
 pp.157-160      Abstract   |   PDF 296KB
A Study on the Origin of Extra Small Chromosome
Dong Zhaowen;Wang Anqi
 pp.161-166      Abstract   |   PDF 663KB
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