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Table of Content
1983 Vol.10 Issue1 ,      10 January 1983
Transfer of plasmid pTZ22 by Protoplast Fusion in Bacillus subtilis and Escheric hia coli
LI Mingfeng;Liu Junke;Fan Shutian;Yang Maohong
 pp.1-7      Abstract   |   PDF 647KB
Studies on Plasmid of Bacillus polymyxaI.Isolation and Identification of the Plasmid from Bacillus polymyxa
Lin Chilan;Dong Bihong;Zhang Shufang;Qian Cunrou
 pp.8-14      Abstract   |   PDF 1749KB
Isolation and Electron Microscopic Observation of Plasmid DNA of Streptomyces qi ngfengmyceticus
Zhang Quandu;Wang Hongzhou;Zheng Youxia
 pp.15-19      Abstract   |   PDF 547KB
The Reassociation Kinetic Analyses of The Repeated Sequence DNA of Rice,Sorghum and Their Hybrid
Shen Jianhua;Zhou Guangyu
 pp.28-35      Abstract   |   PDF 600KB
Studies on the Ribulose Bisphosphate Carboxylase and Cytoplasmic Male-sterility
Liu Zuochang;Li Jigeng;Luo Huixin Chen Futai
 pp.36-42      Abstract   |   PDF 640KB
Studies on Choroplast Isozymes in Maize
Zeng Mengqian;Yang Tzixing
 pp.43-50      Abstract   |   PDF 609KB
Induction of Mini Segregant Cells from a Chinese Hamster Cell Line
Yan Yongshan
 pp.51-55      Abstract   |   PDF 470KB
A Comparative Study of Karyotypes in Three Tilapia Fishes
Chen Minrong;Chen Hongxi
 pp.56-62      Abstract   |   PDF 1275KB
Genetic Monitoring of Inbred Strains of Mice Using Cellulose Acetate Membrane El ectrophoresis of Proteins and Isoenzymes
Xing Ruichang;Sun Jing
 pp.63-72      Abstract   |   PDF 1317KB
A Rare Case of Human Blood Chimera
Zhang Gongliang;Yu Guoding;Lu Yuexiang;Zhao Tongmao;Qiu Xinfang;Zhou J iemin;Wang Songyan;Liu Zudong;Shi Yunfang;Zhang Aili
 pp.73-78      Abstract   |   PDF 1089KB
Study on the Genetics of Basal Cell Nevus Syndrome in One Family
Gao Jinsheng;Zhang Yuefang;Xu Meiyu;Zhou Zhen;Gu Zhijie
 pp.79-84      Abstract   |   PDF 684KB
The Genome Constitution of Elymus fedtschenkoi
Liu Zhiwu;D.R.Dewey
 pp.20-27      Abstract   |   PDF 801KB
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