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Table of Content
1982 Vol.9 Issue6 ,      28 November 1982
Molecular Cloning and Expression of the Threonine Gene from β-Streptococcus hem olyticus in Escherichia coli
Li Xiexun;Chen Bingyuan;Peng Xiuling;Huang Meihua;Wang Shunde;Wang Xunming Sheng Zujia
 pp.409-414      Abstract   |   PDF 546KB
Tobramycin Resistant,Asporogenous Mutants of Bacillus subtilis
Bai Yinglin;Wang Wei;Zhou Su
 pp.415-422      Abstract   |   PDF 686KB
Interspecific Transfer and Expression of SQP1 Plasmid of Streptomyces qingfengmy ceticus
Zheng Youxia;Su Xiaoxue;Zhang Tinglan
 pp.423-430      Abstract   |   PDF 839KB
A Study on Blue-grained Monosomic Wheat (I)
Li Zhensheng;Mu Sumei;Jiang Lixun;Zhou Hanping;Wu Jingke;Yu Ling
 pp.431-439      Abstract   |   PDF 3108KB
Origin and Evolution of Cultivated Barley in China
Xu Tingwen
 pp.440-446      Abstract   |   PDF 663KB
The Significant Effect of Endosperm Development on the Interspecific Hybrid Form ation of Cotton
Liang Zhenglan;Sun Chuanwei
 pp.447-454      Abstract   |   PDF 2252KB
Meiotic Studies of Diploid Perennial Teosinte and Its Hybrids with Maize
C.Y.Ting;Gu Mingguang;Zhang Xueqin;Huang Danain
 pp.455-460      Abstract   |   PDF 1477KB
Studies on teh Mutagenic Effect of 5MeV Electron Irradiation on Rice
Guo Baojiang;Wu Yuyuan;Ruan Jihong
 pp.461-467      Abstract   |   PDF 557KB
A Study on the formation of Micronucleoli by Argon Laser Microirradiation
Hu Yinghe;Liang Hong
 pp.468-472      Abstract   |   PDF 2596KB
An Investigation for the Karyotypic and C-banding Pattern on the Two Anuran Amph ibia
Li Shushen;Wang Yingxiang;Li Chongyun;Wang Ruifang;Liu Guangzuo
 pp.473-473+478      Abstract   |   PDF 942KB
Expression of Lactate Dehydrogenase Isozyme During Oocyte Development in the Toa d (Bufo bufo gargarizans
Meng Yiwen;Mo Weiping;Xu Weizheng;Chen Suwen
 pp.479-486      Abstract   |   PDF 725KB
Mean Age at Menarche of Thirteen Nationalities in China
Cui Meiying;XuJiujin;Chen Liangzhong;Wang Yongfa;Mao Zhongrong;Li Shaowu;D uan Zhangxiong;Du Ruofu
 pp.487-495      Abstract   |   PDF 742KB
C-Band Polymorphism in Chinese Populations——A Comparison Between the Han and Li Nationalities
Li Lirong;Xu Bizhen;Tang Houshun;Xiao Guifang;Wang Anqi;Fu Weining
 pp.496-504      Abstract   |   PDF 1038KB
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