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Table of Content
1982 Vol.9 Issue5 ,      28 September 1982
The Organization of 5S rRNA Genes in Silkworm Attacus ricini Genome
Cai Mingjie;Li Zaiping
 pp.325-332      Abstract   |   PDF 1072KB
Isolatio and Purification of Terminal Deoxynucleotidyltransferase from Calf Thymus
Su Guofu;Liu Chuanxuan;Xu Yongqiang;Ma Qingjun;Huang Cuifen
 pp.333-338      Abstract   |   PDF 574KB
Studies on the Lysogenic Conversion of Streptomyces erythreus
Zhang Xiaoyu;Yu Xueqin;Zhu Weimin
 pp.339-343      Abstract   |   PDF 1241KB
Studies on the Chlorophyll-protein Complexes of Chloroplast Mutants in Maize
Li Yuxiang;Li Jigeng
 pp.344-349      Abstract   |   PDF 512KB
The Studies on the Chromosomal Morphology and Banding Pattern in Agropyron intermedium
Piao Zhensan
 pp.350-356      Abstract   |   PDF 2036KB
Sister Chromatid Exchanges in Plant
Zhang Zili;Dong Guangyuan
 pp.357-362      Abstract   |   PDF 1371KB
Chromosome Giemsa N-banding and the Origin of the B Genome in Common Wheat
Yao Zhen
 pp.363-366      Abstract   |   PDF 1978KB
Studies on the Oviducal Proteins and Genes of Rana temporaria chensinensis I. Analysis of the Oviducal Proteins of R.temporaria chensinensis
Wang Susheng;Chu Jie;Lin Yougang;Xu Naizheng
 pp.367-374      Abstract   |   PDF 740KB
Studies on Developmental Genetics of Lactate Dehydrogenase Isozymes in Goldfish (Carassius auratus L.)I. Comparison of Lactate Dehydrogenase isozymes in Various Organs of Crucian and Red Dragon-eye Goldfish
Luo Lizhong;Bi Shihua;Wang Chunyuan
 pp.375-380      Abstract   |   PDF 726KB
The Tetraploidized Cell Strain GCC(4),Induced from the Caudal Fin Cells of Grass Carp,Characteristics and Nuclear Transplantation Experiment
Lu Renhou;Li Yanjuan;Yi Yonglan;Bai Guodong;Chen Hongxi
 pp.381-388      Abstract   |   PDF 1641KB
Hemoglobin Montgomery [α48 (CE6) Leu→Arg]and Its Structural Analysis
Zeng Yitao;Huang Shuzhen;Sheng Min;Dong Qingyuan;Huang Ying;Zhou Xiadi
 pp.389-394      Abstract   |   PDF 376KB
Distribution of Kell,Kidd,Diego Duffy,Lutheran and Xg Blood Group Systems in Han Nationality of North China
yuan Yida;Xu Jiujin;Zhang Zhi;Du Roufu
 pp.395-401      Abstract   |   PDF 559KB
A Dermatoglyphic Study of National Minorities in Yunnan,ChinaI. Determination of Dermatoglyphic Normal Values for 496 Samples on Jingpo People
Jin Anlu;Zhu Bingxiang;Zhang Naiguang;Lan Guangdou;Gou Hanbi
 pp.402-408      Abstract   |   PDF 416KB
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