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Table of Content
1982 Vol.9 Issue4 ,      28 July 1982
The Construction and Functional Expression of Bifunctional Plasmid
Huang Peitang;Zhang Linyuan;Xiong Lingshuang;Zheng Yongmu;Zhang Zhaoshan;Ma Qingjun
 pp.247-253      Abstract   |   PDF 657KB
A Rifamycin-Resistant and Conditionally Sporogenous Mutant of Bacillus subtilis
Jin Zhenhua;Ma Zhifang
 pp.254-261      Abstract   |   PDF 635KB
Extraction and Activity Measurement of Gene 42 Product of Bacteriophage T4 from ClonCC-20
Xu Xing;Chen Yumei;Lu Shiyi
 pp.262-267      Abstract   |   PDF 418KB
Chemical Synthesis of EcoRI Linker for DNA Cloning
Liu Jinglong;Liu Huizhen;Zhu Lihua;Guo Lihe
 pp.268-276      Abstract   |   PDF 761KB
Inverted Repeated Sequences on a Single Strand DNA in Pupal Testis of Bombyx mori
Xia Bangying;Guo Fu
 pp.277-280      Abstract   |   PDF 1066KB
In vitro Induction of Haploid Plantlets from Unpollinated Ovaries of Corn (Zea ays L.)m
Ao Guangming;Zhao Shixu;Li Guanghua
 pp.281-283      Abstract   |   PDF 346KB
Regeneration of Somatic Hybrid Plants between Nicotiana glauca and Petunia hybrida
Sun Yongru;Huang Meijuan;Li Wenbin;Li Xianghui
 pp.284-288      Abstract   |   PDF 644KB
Approach to Mathematical Model of Heterosis of Self-pollinated Plant
Chou Tingbo
 pp.289-297      Abstract   |   PDF 473KB
The Karyotype of Bufo raddei StrauchI. The Cultivation of Blood Leucocytes of Bufo raddei and an Analysis of Its Kar yotype
Shang Kegang;Li Weijin;Jiang Haiyan;Zheng Yulan
 pp.298-302      Abstract   |   PDF 2239KB
A Comparative Study on Chromosomes of Muscovy Duck,Liancheng Duck and Their Intergeneric Hybrid
Cheng Guangchao;Wu Licheng
 pp.303-307      Abstract   |   PDF 2251KB
Distribution of Taste Sensitivity of Phenylthiocarbamide (PTC) of Various Nation alities in China
Xu Jiujin;Mao Zhongrong;Li Shaowu;Cui Meiying;Wang yongfa;Chen Liangzhong;Du Ruofu
 pp.308-314      Abstract   |   PDF 600KB
Studies on Cytogenetics of A Patient with two Chromosomes 9 Secondary Constricti on Deletion and Pedigree
He Xiaoxuan;Xia Jiahui;Li Luyun;Dai Huoping;Lu Huilin
 pp.315-319      Abstract   |   PDF 719KB
The Characters of Rice Somatic Tissue-derived Plants and Their Progenies in Paddy Fields
Zhao Chengzhang;Zheng Kangle;Qi Xiufang;Sun Zongxiu;Fu Yaping
 pp.320-324      Abstract   |   PDF 369KB
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