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Table of Content
1982 Vol.9 Issue3 ,      28 May 1982
Identification and Analysis of Clones Carrying Bacteriophage T4 Gene 42 and 43 D NA Fragments
Lu Shiyi;Chen Yumei;Xu Xing;Jia Panxing
 pp.165-171      Abstract   |   PDF 537KB
Studies on the Formation,Regeneration of Protoplasts and Recombination by Protop last Fusion in Streptomyces qingfengmyceticus
Wang Hongzhou;Zheng Youxia
 pp.172-179      Abstract   |   PDF 685KB
Hybrid Plasmid Composed of Bacillus subtilis Plasmid pUB110 and Escherichia coli Plasmid pBR322 and Its Gene Phenotypic Expression
Tang Maohong;Yang Yueqin
 pp.180-187      Abstract   |   PDF 709KB
Approaches to Canonical Correlations of Multiple Quantitative TraitsI. Canonical Character and Its Heritability
Yang De;Dai Junti
 pp.188-195      Abstract   |   PDF 513KB
Inheritance Studies of Ear Type in Two-rowed Barley Bomi × Six-rowed Barley Teqing
Xu Tingwen;Liu Xueru
 pp.196-202      Abstract   |   PDF 1186KB
Isolation and Identification of Chloroplast DNA from Spinach
Li Jigeng;Shu Qunfang;Gao Wenqin;Gene Yuxuan
 pp.203-208      Abstract   |   PDF 1511KB
Transfer of the Male Fertile Genes of Restorer without Gametic Fusion and the Exn pression in the Progeny of Sorghum
Zhang Kongtian;Liu Genqi;Kong Fanrui
 pp.209-213      Abstract   |   PDF 1320KB
On Rare of Hermaphrodite with Karyotype 45,X/46,XX/47,XX,+t(Y;Y)
Xu Faming;Xia Jiahui;Li Luyun;Dai Heping;Lu Huilin;Wu Hanwen;Ling Zh usan;Zhou Youxiu;Huang Xun;Lu Canhui;Yang Luoyan;Wu Hainan;Xie Jiawan
 pp.214-219      Abstract   |   PDF 966KB
A Dermatoglyphic Study in Chinese PopulationII.Determination of Normal Values of Total Finger Ridge Count and a-b Total Ridg e Count in1,040 Cases
Zhang Haiguo;Wang Weicheng;Xu Lingdi;Yang Jueqin;Zhao Yuping;Dong Jian zhong;Chen Renbiao;Chen Xuejuan;Su Binghua
 pp.220-227      Abstract   |   PDF 498KB
A Case of Hemoglobin D Punjab Found in Inner Mongolia and Its Structural Analysis
Liang Zhiquan;Tao Hainan;Luo Huiyuan;Huang Shangzhi;Teng Yuqin;Song Mi n;Liu Shuping
 pp.228-232      Abstract   |   PDF 670KB
The Culture of Blood Lymphocytes in vitro of Bufo bufo gagarizans and Its Transf ormation
Li Weijin;Shang Kegang;Sun Jingzhong
 pp.233-237      Abstract   |   PDF 1333KB
Atudies on the Karyotype of Goldfish(Carassius auratus)I. A Comparative Study of the Chromosomes in Crucian and Red Dragon-eye Goldfish
Wang Chunyuan;Li Yanling
 pp.238-242      Abstract   |   PDF 1627KB
A Primary Study for Amino Acid Contents of Genetic Transformation Body Fibroin of the Attacus cynthia ricini Boisd
Lü Huimei;Li Guilan;Chen Yuanlin
 pp.243-246      Abstract   |   PDF 251KB
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