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Table of Content
1982 Vol.9 Issue2 ,      28 March 1982
Study on a Temperature Sensitive Host-killing Mutant of the Plasmid RP4
Li Yuyang;Peng Xiuling;Chen Binyuan
 pp.89-94      Abstract   |   PDF 523KB
Restoration of Tetracycline Resistance in a Hybrid Plasmid of pBR 322 by DNA Insertion
Wang Xuesong;Lu Deru
 pp.95-98      Abstract   |   PDF 265KB
Studies on DNA-Dependent RNA PolymerasesV. Immunological Properties of 615 Mouse Liver RNA Polymerase
Wang Huipeng;Wang Bin;Huang Chongxi;Zhang Dada;Wang Jinxia;Liu Lianrui
 pp.99-104      Abstract   |   PDF 559KB
Trisomy of Chromosome 8 of a Transplantation of Lymphocytic Leukemia L7212 in Mice
Ling Lihua;Ma Shaowu;Wu Min
 pp.105-108      Abstract   |   PDF 1291KB
HLA Equivalents of R and S Series Leukocyte Antigens
Xu Jingjuan;Ding Huijuan;Fan Lian;Yao Fangjuan
 pp.109-116      Abstract   |   PDF 523KB
A Partial Trisomy 4q in a Male Infant with Chromosomes 4/13 Translocation
Xu Jia;Xia Jiahui;Li Luyun;Dai Heping;Lu Huilin;Lian Naiwen;Yu Peilan ;Yang Linyu
 pp.117-124      Abstract   |   PDF 945KB
A Study on Hemoglobin New York in China
Zeng Yitao;Huang Shuzheng;Zhou Xiadi;et
 pp.125-134      Abstract   |   PDF 954KB
Study on the Sixth Chromosome (NOR-chromosome )of Bufo bufo gargarizans I. The Occurrence of the Giant Satellites and Their Heredity
Shang Kegang;Jiang Haiyan
 pp.135-142      Abstract   |   PDF 2304KB
Studies of the Karyotype of Siniperca chuatsi
Yang Huiyi
 pp.143-146      Abstract   |   PDF 1737KB
Utrastructure and Develo0ment of Plastids in Pigment Deficient Mutant of Tobacco
Sun Jingsan;Zhu Zhiqing;Li Shouquan
 pp.147-150      Abstract   |   PDF 2283KB
Wall Degradation Hypotonic Method of Preparing Chromosome Samples in Plant and Its Significance in the Cytogenetics
Chen Ruiyang;Song Wenqin;Li Xiulan
 pp.151-159      Abstract   |   PDF 2203KB
Studies on the N-banding Karyotype of Cultivated and Wild Barley
Yao Zhen
 pp.160-164      Abstract   |   PDF 1384KB
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