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Table of Content
1982 Vol.9 Issue1 ,      28 January 1982
The Establishment of Leukemia Cell Line of Mouse 615
Ning Yihua;Wang Huipeng;Liu Lianrui;Feng Shang
 pp.1-7      Abstract   |   PDF 523KB
Genetic Evidence for Plasmid SQP1 Controlling Fertility in Streptomyces qingfengmyceticus
Zheng Youxia;Zhao Renjun;Zhang Yifen
 pp.8-13      Abstract   |   PDF 483KB
Study of DNA Repair Enzyme SystemII.Observation on the Sister Chromatid Exchanges Induced by Ultraviolet Light and Mitomycin C in Xeroderma Pigmentosum Peripheral Lymphocytes
Wang Xiaopeng;Li Xiaodong;Jiang Zuoshu;Hu Yiping
 pp.14-19      Abstract   |   PDF 887KB
Cytogenetic Studies of a Cat Cry Syndrome
Zhou Huangeng;Kang Xuezhen
 pp.20-23      Abstract   |   PDF 629KB
Evolution of Karyotype of the Genus Cervus
Wang Zong ren;Du Ruofu
 pp.24-31      Abstract   |   PDF 665KB
Studies of Sex Chromosomes and C-banding Karyotypes of Two Forms of Carassius auratus in Kunming Lake
Zan Ruiguang
 pp.32-39      Abstract   |   PDF 2125KB
Study on Early Embryo Selectively Damaged by Laser Microbeam and Subsequent Clea vage of the Survivors in virto in Mammals
Bai Qinhua;Lu Zhongkang;Tan Liling;Liu Fuquan;Liang Hong;Chen Xiulan
 pp.40-43      Abstract   |   PDF 1369KB
Genetic Performance of Some Agronomic Characters in Four Generations of a Backcr ossing Program Involving Glycine max and Glycine soja
Gai Junyi;Walter R.Fehr;Redid G.Palmer
 pp.44-56      Abstract   |   PDF 1039KB
Ovule Culture of Interspecific Hybrids from Deploid Wild Cotton × Tetraploid Cultivars and the Embryo and Seedling Development
Hu Shaoan;Li Xiulan
 pp.57-62      Abstract   |   PDF 1484KB
A Preliminary Studies on the Heredity of Characters of Wheat
Huang Zhiren
 pp.63-70      Abstract   |   PDF 588KB
Effect of High Temperature on Fertility of the Male Sterile Lines in Sorghum
Zhang Kongtian;Fu Hongyi
 pp.71-77      Abstract   |   PDF 1740KB
The Study of Two Lines Method in Maize (First Report) Breeding for Nucleus Male Sterility of Maintenance —— Double Heterozygote in Maize
Liu Zhongyuan
 pp.78-84      Abstract   |   PDF 1260KB
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