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Table of Content
1981 Vol.8 Issue4 ,      28 July 1981
Nutritionally Complementary Fusion of Protoplasts and DiploidFormation in Penicillium chrysogenum
Liang Pingyan Liu Hongdi Zhen Kaiying Xiao Xinfa
 pp.287-293      Abstract   |   PDF 2234KB
Self-Transformation of ShF3a Nucleic Acid into ShF2a and Its Biological Characters
Xing Nianyi Sun Changzhu Feng Peijun Guo Suzhen Yin Wei
 pp.294-301      Abstract   |   PDF 722KB
A Statistical Study on the Mutagenesis of Microbes
Liu Chuiyu
 pp.302-309      Abstract   |   PDF 489KB
Study of AND Repair Enzyme System1. Ultraviolet-Induced H-TdR Unscheduled Incorporationin Xeroderma Pigmentosum Lymphocytes
Jiang Zuoshu Hu Yiping Chen Qi Yang Liansheng
 pp.310-315      Abstract   |   PDF 421KB
Polymorphism of Karyotype of Bactrian Wepitiin Beijing Zoo
 pp.316-320      Abstract   |   PDF 1984KB
The Behavior of X-Chromosomes in Early Mannalian EmbryosI. The Characters of Sex-Chromatin Changes1)
Jiang Yaoqing Sun Haiyuan Zhang Naichang Li Fangyuan
 pp.321-326      Abstract   |   PDF 1423KB
Gentic Identification of Inbred Strains of Mice and Their Hybrids (F1) by Skin Transplantation
Chen Zhiyuan
 pp.327-334      Abstract   |   PDF 1361KB
A Study on the Behavior of Chromosomes During Meiosis in Testis of Gdulex tritaeniorhynchus
Chen Hanbin Zhao Hong
 pp.335-339      Abstract   |   PDF 1255KB
A Study of Hybridization Between Triticum aestivum and Haynaldia villosa
Chen Shuyang Gao Lizhen Liu Maihuan
 pp.340-343      Abstract   |   PDF 1228KB
Comparison Between the Two-rowed Wild Barley of Qing-Zang Plateau and That of Israel
Zhou Zeqi
 pp.344-349      Abstract   |   PDF 1134KB
Some Aspects of Morphological and Physiological Characters of “Naked-seed” Rice
Tand Xihua Zhiping Huang Qingliu
 pp.350-355      Abstract   |   PDF 1652KB
Genetic Studies on Tobacco Breeding with Haploid Developed by Anther Culture
Ai Shuli Chen Zhenji
 pp.356-360      Abstract   |   PDF 385KB
Apreliminary Study of Hereditary Varibaility of QuantitativeCharacters from Pollen Plants in Spring Wheat
Chao Xulan Duan Caihua Chen Jixian Yang Manying
 pp.361-368      Abstract   |   PDF 1443KB
Induction of Pollen Plants in Flax (Linum usitatissimum)And Preliminary Observations on Performance of Their Progenies
Sun Hongtao Fu Weidong
 pp.369-374      Abstract   |   PDF 1215KB
Correlation Between the Hybrid Vigor and the Weight of Embroyos, Content of RNA, DNA During the Germination of Seeds in Maize
Jin Huifen Wang Weihai
 pp.375-379      Abstract   |   PDF 1314KB
Comparative Studies of Esterase losozymes among Triticum, Secale and Triticale
Wu Yuwen Zhang Guilan Zhang Yan
 pp.380-385      Abstract   |   PDF 1592KB
Induction of Haploid Plantlets from Unpollinated Ovariesof Triticum aestivum Cultured in vitro
Zhu Zhongchun Wu Haishan An Qingkun Liu Zhenyue
 pp.586-590      Abstract   |   PDF 1827KB
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