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Table of Content
1981 Vol.8 Issue3 ,      28 May 1981
Molecular Weight Determination of Transposon Tn233(CH)
Chen Jianmin) TaiKin Wong) Wang Zongyang) Hong Mengmin)
 pp.189-195      Abstract   |   PDF 622KB
Genetic Analysis of Rifampin-resistant Mutant of Sporulation in Bacillus subtilis and Its Activity of RNA Polymerase
Jin Zhenhua Yao Sufang Ma Zhifang Zhou Su Wang Wei
 pp.196-202      Abstract   |   PDF 524KB
The Restriction Map of Ribosomal RNA Gene in Silkworm Attacus ricini
Zheng Zhongecheng Qian Xiaozhen Chu Meijin Zhang Aibao Li Zaiping
 pp.203-211      Abstract   |   PDF 814KB
The Cytogenetic Effects of Nickel Sulphate
Deng Chengzong Qu Baoxiang
 pp.212-215      Abstract   |   PDF 367KB
The Effect of 60Co r-rays on DNA, RNA and Protein Synthensis
Su Liaoyuan Liu Keliang Lin Xingeheng Feng Jixing
 pp.216-221      Abstract   |   PDF 448KB
Smoking and Sister Chromatid Exchanges
Cui Meiying Xu Jiujin Zhou Xianting
 pp.222-227      Abstract   |   PDF 487KB
Cenetic Polymorphism of the Third Component of the ComplementAnd Properdin Factor B in Chinese Population
Zhao Tongmao Gui Yuemin Lu Yuxiang
 pp.228-232      Abstract   |   PDF 348KB
Comparison of the Translation Capability of HeterologousInterferon messenger RNA Between Normal and Antiviral States of Whole HeLa Cells
Zhu Lihuang Hu Naibi Liang Zhiguo
 pp.233-240      Abstract   |   PDF 645KB
Isolation of Guineapig Liver Albumin mRNA by a DoubleAntibody Technique and Studies on Its Translation Characterization
Jing Guozhong Chen Yan Chen Jianwen Li Yaozhen
 pp.241-250      Abstract   |   PDF 855KB
A Yellow-Green Nucleus Mutant of Rice
Hu Zhong Peng Liping Cai yonghua
 pp.256-261      Abstract   |   PDF 1604KB
Cytogenetical Study on Homologous Asyndetic TriploidDerived from Anther Culture in Rice
Ling Dinghou Wang Xuehai Chen Meifang
 pp.262-268      Abstract   |   PDF 1604KB
A Study of Embryogenesis in Pollen Callus of Maize(Zea mays L.)
Cao Ziyi Guo Caiyue Hao Jianjun
 pp.269-274      Abstract   |   PDF 2088KB
Study of Genetical Structure of Scotch Pine (PinusSylvestis L.) under Sexual and Asexual Multiplication By Isozyme Analysis1)
Shen Xihuan
 pp.275-281      Abstract   |   PDF 1660KB
DNA Synthesis in Pollen during the Initial Period of Anther Culture in Brassic pekinensis
Yang Cheng Liu Chunqing
 pp.282-286      Abstract   |   PDF 2414KB
Karyotype Analysis of Hypophthalmichthys molitrix
Liu Lingyun
 pp.251-255      Abstract   |   PDF 2429KB
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