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Table of Content
1981 Vol.8 Issue2 ,      28 March 1981
Isolation and Biochemical Characterization of Plasmids RK8 from E.coli RK8
Cai Runsheng Yang Shengli Ye Qingquan Wu Rupingang Aidi Wang Jixin Zhang Jibao Liu Zenxiu
 pp.0-0      Abstract   |   PDF 562KB
Transposition of Ap Resistant Gene form PlasmidER396 into Phage φ80 Genome
Zhang Jingliu Cai RuiZhu Hong Mengmin
 pp.97-102      Abstract   |   PDF 493KB
Altered Sporulation among Streptomycin Resistantand Streptomycin Dependent Mutants of Bacillus subtilis1)
Bai yinglin
 pp.103-108      Abstract   |   PDF 691KB
A Study on Plasmid pUB110 Transfer by Bacillus Subtilis Protoplast Fusion
Li Mingfeng Fan Shutian Tang Maohong Wei Rungxuan
 pp.109-115      Abstract   |   PDF 741KB
A Family with Balanced 7/9 Translocation and Unbalanced Offspring
Qiu Xinfang Qin Shizhen Liu Dexiang Fu Xiaomin Zhou Jemin Ma Zhengrong Ding Fei Liu Zudong
 pp.122-125      Abstract   |   PDF 1006KB
The Evaluation of Mutagenicity of Four Antiparasite Agents by the Ames Test
Zhao Shouyuan Li Changben Huang Ying Gu Qinlian
 pp.126-131      Abstract   |   PDF 551KB
Sister Chromatid Exchange for Identifying Patients with Liver Cancer and Detecting Aflatoxin B1 Effect
Lu Baozhong Xu Xuefang He Fangfa Cheng Jiarong Zhang Peili Yao Lu Yu Xinsheng
 pp.132-137      Abstract   |   PDF 1061KB
Karyotype of Rana chensinensis from Beijing
Wu Zhengan
 pp.138-144      Abstract   |   PDF 1079KB
Deuterium Oxide Induced Variations on Nucleus andInfraciliature of Oxytricha fallax
Gao Xiufang Wu Yuanfang Zhou Zhentang Pang Yangbin Zou Shifa
 pp.145-148      Abstract   |   PDF 1834KB
The Investigation on the Inheritance of Fertility of OffspringsProduced by Interspecific Hybridization and Backcrossing between Autotetraploid Asiatic Cotton (Gossypium arboreum) and Upland Cotton (G. hirsutum)
Sun Jizhong Liu Jinlan Wan Nianqing Pei Wengong
 pp.149-157      Abstract   |   PDF 2014KB
Green Plants Regenerated from Isolated Rice Pollen Grainsin vitro and the Induction Factors
Chen ying Zuo Qiuxian Li Shuyuan Lu Deyang Zheng Shiwen
 pp.158-163      Abstract   |   PDF 1583KB
Studies on Sister Chromatid Exchanges in Vicia faba
Zhang Zili Chen Guilan
 pp.164-168      Abstract   |   PDF 1092KB
Investigation of Ploidy in the Process of AntherCulture of Hevea brasiliensis
Cen Ming Chen Zhenghua Qian Changfa Wang Chuanhua He Youngtao Xiao Yuling
 pp.169-174      Abstract   |   PDF 1518KB
Giemsa Banding of Maize (Zea mays) Chromosomes
Gu Mingguang
 pp.175-179      Abstract   |   PDF 1407KB
Genetic Research on Chimaera of Awned Mutationsin M1 Generation of Triticum aestivum
Hong Xijun
 pp.180-188      Abstract   |   PDF 837KB
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